Birthday Girl

I had my good camera all ready to take pictures for Mira’s birthday today, except when I tried to take a picture of her counting her sticks the camera informed me that while the screen would turn on and let me navigate around the menus, the battery was too low to actually take pictures. Would have been nice if it had given me a low battery warning earlier, but oh well.

I pulled out my cell phone to use that camera instead, but Mira saw my hand go into my pocket and immediately abandoned the daily Morning Stick Inspection in favor of Coat Pocket Inspection.

“What has it got in its pocketses??”

Of course she got some birthday crunchies, and of course all the other sheep noticed there were treats to be had, so I had to retreat to the other side of the fence to get any pictures that weren’t noses right in the camera lens.

“Are we having a party??”

Poor Mira on the left, as always very grumpy and indignant that so many people came to her birthday party. Rude of them to just show up like that. She moved off to sulk behind a fence post until everyone else started drifting back to they hay rack to resume their interrupted breakfast.

“That was a TERRIBLE party, Mommy. You paid attention to things-that-are-not-me and gave crunchies to people-who-are-not-me and everything.”

I tried to pet her to make it up, but she gave me the irritated head toss that she unfortunately passed on to Angel. Mira doesn’t have horns so it’s mostly just cute when she does it.

“No pets, only crunchies!”

She got a lot of crunchies. She is very spoiled.

The dogs were more than willing to accept any petting Mira didn’t want. Watcher got over his loud protests over me going to the barn without him (I do this every morning one would think he’d get used to it) and brought me his Jolly Ball. Echo simply wanted to go back inside despite the nice weather and was laser-focused on the back door.

“Play time!”

“Nap time!”

I would have taken more pictures, but at this point my phone informed me my storage space had run out and disabled that camera, too. I could swear I just cleaned out my phone not long ago. Now camera-less despite having two cameras on my person, I gave up. Some sort of technological conspiracy against taking pictures today, I think.

Happy birthday, Miss Miracle! It may be atypically warm for late February, but I’m glad we have nice weather instead of two feet of snow like the day you were born!

5 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. Yes, Happy Birthday to that little sweetie. “What has it got in its pocketses??” I loved that quote. Sweet face still on Mia. Thank you for this.

  2. I stumbled across your blog years ago and still check back occasionally. I’m glad you’re still making updates. Your photos and writing style really capture your animals’ personalities.
    Mira shares a birthday with my dog! Seems they have the same type of attitude too. 🙂

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