That’s OK, Take Your Time

The boys have taken to sleeping all in a giant puppy pile every night lately for some reason. They have a hoop house they could get under, but they prefer to pile up against the fence or the side of the barn. They’re certainly not huddling together for warmth, lately it’s already in the seventies even early in the morning.

They’re lazy lately, too. They used to be up by the time I’d go out in the morning, but they’re still mostly laying around long after the sun’s up.


“Is it morning already?”

The exodus from the barn is usually a mad rush, but it gets delayed by Angel hanging back to investigate the hay bales. Every morning. I put a cup of salt on those bales last year and she knocked it over trying to steal it. I can’t imagine there’s much left on the straw, but she has to check every morning just in case.


“Hmm, any yummy salt up here?”


“Hey! This straw needs more salt over here!”

Moving from the field into the yard was again delayed, because Angel and Flynn got in a fight by the gate and no one wanted to pass them.


“Take that!”

They settled that fight, but promptly got into another one up by the house.


“Take THAT!”

Nova has gotten over most of her overprotectiveness, much to Flynn’s dismay. Fighting Angel was a lot more fun when Nova would swoop in and win for him.


“Mooom! Angel’s hitting me! Aren’t you going to make her stop?”

Nova was busy with breakfast and did not care a bit. Poor Flynn. He will be ok though. His horns are still small, but he’s big for his age.

Moving everyone back to the field a few hours later was also delayed, because everyone had settled down on the back patio and refused to budge. They think the yard should be theirs full-time, not shared with the dogs.


“Look, we pooped on it, so it’s ours now!”

They did not give up on the Occupy Back Patio movement until I managed to make myself annoying enough that they decided to run back to the field and hope I’d leave them alone and stop poking their silly stubborn noses.

Flynn tried to pick another fight with Angel on the way, but Angel was good and annoyed that I was kicking her out of her yard and didn’t want to play fight. Flynn quickly decided he’d been neglecting his mother recently and really needed to spend more time with her.


“Not because I’m scared of Angel! I’m not!”

If he isn’t, he should be. I’m scared of Angel sometimes. At least in the course of chasing Flynn she ran through the gate on her own. Yesterday I ended up having to drag her all the way to the gate by the horn while she planted her feet and struggled, which was not fun for either of us.

My return to the house was delayed, because Mira always suddenly becomes very droopy and clingy when I try to leave, leaning against my legs and being very sad until I sit down and pet her for a while.


“I will be so sad if you leave, you don’t want me to be sad, do you?”

So I have to sit and pet her, because I’m not a heartless monster. Eventually she lets me escape, though she still stands at the gate looking sad watching me leave. She perks up once I’m out of sight, so I think she’s ok.

Everyone is sticking to the shade and sleeping a lot because the weather is so hot. Even Watcher doesn’t want to go out. This is only June, I’m worried how hot it’s going to get in July and August. In the meantime, I guess we’ll just keep moving slowly and dealing with the delays.


Sleeping In

I overslept a little bit today, so I left the dogs in the yard longer instead of putting them up and letting the sheep in the yard right away.


“Why are you going out there? The grass is wet! Why not stay up here on the porch and pet me?”

Echo is in favor of oversleeping and staying indoors as much as possible.


“It is of vital importance that you throw this frisbee right now!”

I’m not sure if Watcher knows what oversleeping is, and he gets very antsy if he’s cooped up inside too long.

The boy sheep all slept in today, too. The only one who got up and sleepwalked his way over to the fence was Apple. The others decided if I wasn’t tossing crunchies at them it wasn’t worth the effort of stirring themselves.


“Can I chew on your jeans? Or your fingers?”

He’s a very handsome boy, and very friendly, if one overlooks the fact that he bites. Biting isn’t something one usually has to worry about with sheep, aside from sometimes tugging on my clothes for attention, but Apple is an exception. If it’s there, he will bite it until it is removed from his reach.

The sheep might have been lazy this morning, but the barn bunny was up and about, nibbling the grass in front of the barn doors.


All the various (I assume there’s been more than one over the past few years, but I can’t tell rabbits apart very well) barn bunnies are desensitized to me walking by a couple times a day, but they still tend to scoot out of my way if I happen to walk directly towards them. This little guy let me walk right up to him before he got nervous and hopped off through the gate into the lane. He quickly found a sympathetic ear to complain to about humans stomping around in their boots interrupting his breakfast.


The girls wouldn’t let me take any pictures at all; they saw the dogs, realized they weren’t going to be let into the yard, and after that all I saw were their tails heading for the far end of the field. If I wasn’t going to let them in the yard they weren’t going to hang around.

Being so ignored might have hurt my feelings if the dogs hadn’t been so happy to see me coming back. Echo even deigned to leave the porch to come meet me, wet grass and all.


“Ugh, wet grass. The things I do for you, I hope you appreciate this.”

Watcher intercepted him and tried to shoulder him aside, afraid that I would get distracted petting Echo and forget to throw the frisbee.


“Move, Echo! It’s MY turn! I’ve been waiting forever for someone to throw my frisbee!”

I threw the frisbee for Watcher and petted Echo while Watcher was chasing it down. Neither dog was especially pleased to have my attention divided, but there’s only one of me, so that’s the best I can do.


“I came out here in the wet grass so you could sit on the ground so I could sit in your lap so you could pet my ears and rub my belly.”

I always let Echo sprawl in my lap whenever I sit on the ground, so he tries very hard to encourage me to sit down often.

Unfortunately for Echo’s plans, I don’t like sitting in wet grass any more than he does.

Fortunately for both of us, we had a nice dry house to retreat to, filled with much more comfortable places to sit. We’ll go back outside later when everything’s dried off.

5 Years

This weekend makes 5 years since the first four sheep came to live here. I spent hours a day for weeks sitting in a camp chair out there trying to convince them (minus Princess) that I wasn’t going to attack them. The poor things (again minus Princess) were so scared, they’d run away if I even made eye contact with them.

Now I have significantly more than four sheep, and I sit in a camp chair worried they (particularly Angel) are going to attack me. I like sitting in the grass, but a camp chair is easier on my knees and provides a bit of a barrier against being trampled/chewed/butted/climbed on by the hungry mob, even if it is a hassle to carry around.


“Hey! What are you doing? Do you have crunchies?”

Nova has mud on her nose. She must have been eating dirt again. I don’t know why she does that. She checked out the chair, determined I did not have crunchies, and wandered off.

Mira stood next to my chair and drooped sadly because she couldn’t climb up on my lap.


“Mommy, why are you sitting up off the ground? I can’t climb in your lap!”

Angel stood on the other side of my chair and tried to eat the cupholder. For some reason the sheep always rip the cupholders off of every camp chair I take out there.


“Any crunchies in here?”

And then launched a very spirited attack on the arms of the chair when she determined there were no crunchies. How dare that chair not feed her??

Duchess, Lady, and Holly watched the attack with great concern, while I tried to take pictures and keep my elbows out of the line of fire. And keep the chair from tipping over entirely.


“Why is Angel fighting the chair? Is it a scary chair?”

“I don’t know, we better watch and see!”

She fought the chair for such a ridiculously long time I decided to record her. She was getting tired at this point, but she does not know the meaning of the word quit. Literally, I tell her to quit all the time and she does not know what that means.


Sometimes petting Angel’s head will either calm her down, or annoy her into going away, but she would not be deterred. Eventually everyone got bored and wandered off; even Mira wasn’t going to stick around if I wasn’t going to give her my exclusive attention or let her eat the cupholder.


“Let me know when you decide to sit in the grass like you’re supposed to, so I can sit in your lap!”

Flynn, on the other hand, stayed put and watched Angel with a worrisome amount of rapt attention. He’s convinced Angel is the coolest sheep ever, even though (or possibly because) she knocks him down all the time for being annoying.


“I want to butt the chair, too! I’m just a little nervous because Angel is swinging her head around a lot and her horns are scary. Very cool, but scary!”

At this point Angel’s fixation was getting a tad tiresome, so I threw my shoe for her to chase down and kill, which at least distracted her from the chair.

It’s taken me five years to get the sheep to be as friendly as they are. It’ll likely take the next five for Angel to learn not to attack everything that crosses her line of sight.

Flynn was not interested in watching Angel kill a shoe, and was a bit spooked by me throwing it, so he ran off to pester Lana. Lana is his latest crush and he hadn’t flirted with her for almost 10 minutes. She might have changed her mind about being his girlfriend.


“Why doesn’t Nova keep better track of this hooligan?”

Lana was not impressed. Even Liam can’t be bothered to feel threatened by Flynn, and he’s usually moderately jealous.

Liam is scheduled to get his haircut tomorrow morning, which is not a moment too soon. His legs are about to disappear entirely and it’s far too hot for that much fleece. I’m sure shearing him will make him feel better. He might be running away from me every time I make eye contact for a while, though.

If I Fits, I Sits

Mira’s having a clingy day today. She thinks if she sits next to me and keeps inching her way farther onto my legs slowly enough I won’t notice. It’s hard to miss a full-grown ewe (even a small Soay ewe who’s “only” 50 lbs) with very bony legs wiggling up onto my lap, but I humor her and pretend she’s managed to fool me.


“Mommy, it’s hot and the sun is bright and there’s flies, can I sit with you?”

Of course, baby!


“This is better, your shadow makes a nice shady place.”


“Are there any crunchies?”

No, I don’t have any crunchies.


“Not even one?”

Not even one. Sorry, baby.


“That’s ok, your lap makes a nice pillow, anyway. Keep petting my ears, please.”


“I’m glad I’m still the perfect size to sit in Mom’s lap!”


More Napping

Somebody (Liam?) knocked another hole in the barn wall the other day, and Mira forgot she was supposed to be ignoring me while she was caught up in the giddy excitement surrounding such a marvelous event. On the one hand, I was happy to hear her calling to me eagerly in the morning again, but on the other I was less happy that she popped her head out of the barn to greet me through a window where no window is supposed to be.

The barn is repaired now, and Mira seems to have gotten over her snit for good. Until the next time I do that she doesn’t like, anyway. She’s reclaimed her right to my exclusive attention and insists that she be the one to nap next to me and my ill-advised footwear instead of Angel.


“Should I chew those shoes?”

Fortunately for me, she decided she was happy with the stick she had tucked up against the tree near her chin and left my feet alone.


“Naa, too hot. Too sleepy. I have a stick, that’s good enough.”

Those flip-flops are very old friends of Mira’s. She’s been chewing on them since she was a baby. Every time I’d sit down she’d yank them off my feet and play with them.



One would think I’d know better by now than to wear them around the sheep, but no matter how many times they get stolen or how often I get my feet stomped on, apparently it must always happen at least once more before I learn my lesson.

In my defense, muck boots are miserably uncomfortable to wear for very long when it’s hot.


“You can pet my ears, but don’t touch my stick!”

I thought she’d rather have it next to her where she could see it better, but apparently not. I should know better than to touch her sticks, I always end up getting myself in trouble.

Angel may have been chased away from napping by my legs, but she settled down nearby between me and the gate. She always tries to stay between me and the nearest exit. She still hasn’t managed to train me out of going through gates without taking her with me, much to her frustration.


“Don’t you try to sneak away behind my back!”

Duchess was also napping nearby, so I had all three generations sitting with me. But unlike her daughter and granddaughter, Duchess is a very sneaky sheep and hid behind the tall grass.


“Pay no attention to the sheep behind the grass curtain…”

I think it’s nice how those three stay together more often than not, even though Duchess didn’t raise Mira and Mira didn’t raise Angel. Mira and Angel still don’t like each other much, but they’ve bonded somewhat over liking poor, bothersome Flynn even less, so I guess that’s progress of a sort. I think they’re closer to frenemies now instead of arch enemies.

Also, Angel is a lot easier to live with in general since that one time Mira snapped and beat her up. It sounds terrible, but it’s true. She’s still very bossy and sometimes picks fights for no reason, but she’s better about picking her battles and not trying to fight to the death over every little thing.


“Angel isn’t too¬†bad I guess, as long as you only pet me, and only sit next to me, and give me all the crunchies, and take pictures of just me and not her, and I don’t have to share a room with her at night…”

They get along much better when I’m not there for them to fight over.

Portraits on a Cloudy Day

I like foggy, cloudy mornings, when it’s not too cold or too hot yet. The more diffused light also makes good picture-taking weather. I always have trouble working around inconvenient shadows on sunny days.

Mira got a haircut Saturday, and she looks beautiful. I’m still in trouble with her for taking such liberties. She’s moved past the angry sulky tantrum stage, fortunately, and into the frigidly dignified cold shoulder stage. Today is the first day she’s deigned to look at me directly without head-down, ears-pinned-back, narrow-eyed glaring, so I think she’s starting to forgive me.


“If you have crunchies I might come over there, but otherwise I’m going to stand way over here and ignore you.”

Her haircut is worth the temperamental fallout. She really is a beautiful ewe when she isn’t hidden by a raggedly fleece.

Her “standoffish” pose looks so much like a portrait pose, I decided to see if I could get everyone in the flock to pose for pictures while the light was so nice.


“Take my picture, too!”

Angel was easy, once I could get her to back up enough for the camera to focus. The background is a little cluttered, what with the fence, and the water buckets, and Mira pointedly and dramatically ignoring me again, but oh well. Angel still has rather adolescent proportions, but she’s going to be a beautiful ewe as well when she grows up.


Holly apparently favors the high school senior photo poses, leaning against a tree. Holly is very pretty too once she’s shed. I hope she manages it on her own this year; catching the polled ewes is not fun or easy.


Lady’s definitely going to need help with her fleece this year, but she’s still a very pretty girl. She’s a lot calmer lately, since Angel has (temporarily, I’m sure) put a hold on her plans to take over as flock queen. I’m glad she’s getting a break; my life is a lot easier when the boss ewe isn’t stressed out all the time.


Gorgeous Duchess, still fairest of them all even before she sheds her fleece. Unlike Lady, she has not being having a stress-free time lately. Flynn has recently reached the stage all ram lambs go through, where he’s hopelessly in love with her. Emphasis on “hopelessly.” Duchess is not impressed with him.


He’s still optimistic about his chances though, because ram lambs are just like that. Actually, he’s not just flirting with Duchess, he’s flirting with just about everybody, except when he’s trying to persuade the other ewes to feed him.

He also gets knocked down a lot, usually by whoever he’s currently pestering. He doesn’t appear to have connected the cause and effect relationship there. Ram lambs are not always good at noticing cause and effect.


“Don’t you come at me with those shears again!”

Nina also got a haircut this week, so she’s joined Mira in avoiding me. Lana got her haircut a while ago now, and Liam is (correctly) suspicious that he’s next in line, so they’re steering clear of me as well. Unfortunately they express their displeasure by avoiding eye contact and hoping I go away instead of dramatic poses and glaring like Mira, so I couldn’t get good close ups of them. I like this one anyway, with Nina running ahead and Lana and Liam following together.

I don’t know what they have to complain about, it’s not like I shear them for the fun of it, and they must feel better once it’s done. Poor Liam is almost spherical, that can’t be comfortable to carry around everywhere.


“I can’t pose, I’m in the middle of breakfast!”

I couldn’t get Neo to look up at me, but that’s ok. He’s a good boy, he deserves to eat his breakfast without being harassed into posing.


“Where’s that lamb gone off to now??”

Small but mighty Nova. I think she’s actually starting to enjoy having an occasional break from Flynn when he runs off to pester someone else. She only goes off to collect him when someone gets annoyed enough to start knocking him down.

I was very pleased I got nice (or at least semi-decent) pictures of everyone in the ewe flock on the same day! That doesn’t usually happen. Of course my jeans were covered in muddy Angel-hoofprints by the time I went inside, but it was worth it.



I decided to sit outside under one of the trees yesterday when I moved the girls back to the field. I hadn’t been planning to stay when I left the house, so I didn’t have a chair with me, so I just sat on the ground with my back to the tree trunk.

The Shetlands (plus Neo, the part time honorary Shetland) were very suspicious, but eventually decided I wasn’t planning anything nefarious.

“You’re not planning on giving anyone a haircut, are you?”

And Flynn was very excited because he thought maybe I wanted to play with him.

“Are you going to play with me?”

Tempting, but he mostly wants to play fight, and that game wouldn’t be fun anymore when he’s grown up.

Angel settled down by my legs and glared at my shoes, debating whether she needed to attack them or not.

“I must kill the shoes… but it’s so hot and I’m sleepy… but there’s shoes, I need to kill them…”

She eventually decided she could kill the shoes later, after she’d had a nap.

“It’s too hot to kill shoes, I’ll do it later.”

I was very grateful, since I was (not very sensibly) wearing flip-flops, and it’s painful when she kills my flip-flops while I’m still wearing them.

Flynn got tired and laid down by my tree to keep an eye on me, but dozed off on watch. Being a lamb is a lot of work.

“Zzz… I’m watching you… zzz…”

Angel couldn’t get comfortable and had to get up and lay back down facing the other way. More convenient that way, for keeping an eye on me and my shoes at the same time.

“No crunchies, check.”

“Shoes not making any suspicious moves, check.”

Flynn kept waking up and trying to keep an eye on me, but he was so tired he kept going to sleep sitting up.

“I’m totally awake… zzz…”

Mira, behind Flynn next to the fencepost, was not being her usual jealous self because she is mad at me. I keep trying to pull her old wool off, which is a terrible thing for me to do, so I’m being shunned until I learn better manners. She’ll only come if I have crunchies, and even then she glares while she’s eating them, just so I know she can’t be bribed that easily.

Angel decided I was looking the other way too much, so she got up and moved closer to my leg. That way she could easily thump me with her head if I tried to move or leave or pull her wool or otherwise disturb her nap.

“I’m happy and comfortable, so don’t you try to mess with my wool or leave or anything!”


“I’m keeping an eye on you!”

“Yep, totally… watching… you…”



I ended up staying outside for almost two hours before everybody started waking up and heading off to graze. Flynn and Angel started squabbling with each other again and I sneaked back to the house while they were distracted.

Sitting surrounded by napping sheep always makes me very sleepy. Even looking at the pictures makes me want a nap. They really are a sweet bunch of sheep, when they’re not causing mayhem. It was nice being outside with them for a while with no major conflicts or crises or destructive Splendid Games breaking out.

Resilience of Youth

Flynn decided yesterday that the occasion of his horn buds becoming just barely visible through the skin meant he was a 100% grown up ram now, and squeezed through the gate to play with his fellow grown up tough guys. When every one of the boys came running over to check out the new kid, Flynn very quickly decided he had made a big mistake and took off running, screaming at the top of his baby lungs.

Fortunately for him, the older boys were more curious than aggressive, but it was still a traumatizing experience to be chased all over the field by the whole pack of them. It took me several minutes to get him back over to the gate and the other boys away from the gate long enough for him to wiggle back through to his mama.

Drake and Ash made determined efforts to follow him, but only succeeded in getting their heads through. Fortunately they were able to get themselves back out with little trouble.

Having seen the error of his ways, little Flynn seemed determined he was going to be a good boy from now on and never leave his mother’s side ever again. This morning he was still staying right by her, which Nova was very pleased about. She’s getting tired of having to chase him down all the time.


“See how well behaved my little boy is!”

By the time we reached the house, Flynn had decided that the definition of a good boy was flexible enough to include playing in the rocks.


“I can still see my mama, so it’s ok to play over here!”

And sticking his face in the downspout to see if there’s anything interesting in there.


“Hellooo in there!”

“What are you doing? Hurry up, we’re falling behind on breakfast!”

And by the time I made it on the porch to the back door, all pretense of being a good boy had gone out the window and he’d decided to pick a fight with Angel by running up and butting her in the head.


“I’m the toughest!”

“No, I’M the toughest!!”

A decision he very quickly came to regret.


“Ok, ok, you’re the toughest!”

“You bet I am!”

And off he went, running back to Nova with Angel in hot pursuit, freshly determined to always be a good boy and stay close to his mother forever and ever from now on.


“Maamaa! Heeelp!”

“Come back here and fight me like a ewe, you little brat!”

Nova promptly put a stop to that fight and chased Angel away. Nobody picks on Nova’s baby, even if he did start the fight himself.

Angel ran up on the porch steps to complain to me about the Unfairness of Absolutely Everything. She is definitely Mira’s daughter.


“Mommy, Nova butted me and it’s not fair! Flynn keeps trying to say he’s the boss, but he’s only a baby! He can’t be the boss! I’M the boss! Mommy! I need crunchies and petting and sympathy!”

Thanks to Angel’s own antics I am mostly immune by now to complaints about bossy lambs picking fights above their weight class, so I left them to their squabbling and their breakfast and came inside for my own breakfast.

I have no illusions that Flynn will be any more discouraged by this latest setback than he was by the debacle of last night, but he might as well get used to being chased back to his mother. It’ll be quite a while yet before his barely-visible little horn buds get big enough to impress anybody.

Sunny Day

I’ve been a bit under the weather, so I can’t do anything strenuous (like shearing) for a while, but I’ve been enjoying sitting outside in a camp chair with the sheep enjoying the sun.

I’ve also started updating the gallery page for the first time in two years. Oops. Angel almost succeeded in taking over the world, and she wasn’t even in the gallery yet! Some of the pictures are still very outdated, but at least everyone’s on there now.


“Do you have crunchy treats?”

Angel came flying over as soon as I set my chair down. I didn’t have crunchies for her, but I did roo her a little bit. She’s being surprisingly good about letting me pull her old fleece off as it loosens. All that’s left now is her hindquarters and a mohawk down her spine.


“Nooo, my mommy! My lap! My crunchies!”

Mira had to come droop over my lap mournfully in protest, sticking her face much too close for the camera to focus on. And occasionally thwack Angel away before running back to droop some more.


“What are you guys doing?”

Flynn watched the sparring with far too much interest for my liking. They’re going to give him ideas with all their antics.

Angel eventually wandered off when she got tired of letting me pull on her wool, so Mira could relax and doze by me for a while. Mira’s wool is loose too, but she won’t let me pull it off. The only place it’s come off is under her ears where she likes me to scratch her.


“This sun feels good.”

Then she wandered off to inspect the fence planks on the back patio. After all, fence planks might loosely be considered sticks, so she thought maybe she ought to try to kill them.


“How am I supposed to kill these sticks? They’re too big to drag around!”

Eventually she gave up on that and decided to kick the rocks out of the landscaping again.


“Every time I get these rocks just right, they come and put them back in a pile! Why are they always ruining my work?”

Nina decided I’d been paying attention to the bottle babies too long, and photobombed my attempt to document Mira’s landscaping efforts. The camera can’t refocus that quickly, so I end up with blurry sheep heads every time someone decides to photobomb. Which is often.


“Hi! Do you have crunchies for me?”

Hi, Nina. Nina needs her annual haircut badly. I need to get better soon, before the shaggy ones start getting heat stressed.

Flynn was also very interested in what Nina was doing.


“What Splendid Game is Nina playing?”

I got a few good shots of him before I was photobombed again, this time by Angel. She thought maybe I spontaneously acquired crunchies since the last time she checked.


“I’m so sad and hungry, I want crunchy treats!”

She was trying very hard to copy Mira’s sad and droopy look, but it looks rather menacing on her, with those big horns waving in my face.

I stayed out for a while longer, until the sun started bothering me. Mira, Angel, and Nova all stood around the basement door yelling for me to come back for a while, but they were getting hot too. They all went back to their field to sleep in the shade, and I came in to take tylenol and take a nap on the couch.

A Well-Deserved Vacation

Barney hurt his leg somehow last night, so I moved him over with the girls (and away from the Duke & Sons Brigade) so he could rest better. Liam and Jeb sneaked though the gate while I was moving Barney, and I decided they might as well have a vacation, too. Those poor Shetlands put up with a lot.

Duke also attempted to follow with his army of mini-mes, but I shut the gate in his face. He was very offended. I explained the concept of “defeating the purpose,” but I don’t think he understood what I meant by that. Then I tried to explain “you make too many Dukelings when you get out,” but he didn’t understand that one, either. He’s still up by the gate pouting, but I have no sympathy.

Lana, Nina, and Neo all ran to greet the incoming Shetlands, while the Soays hung back and looked spooked. Changes from routine are spooky. I only had my cell phone, since I hadn’t expected anything unusual to happen, but I was just glad I had any camera at all.

Since Flynn doesn’t have much routine yet to disrupt, and he likes meeting new people, he ran right up to the big Shetland boys. He was pretty sure they came for the sole purpose of playing with him.


“Hi! Anybody want to play with me?”

Much to the despair of his mother, who has relaxed a great deal in her over-protectiveness but would still rather he stop trying to play with strange sheep over ten times his size.


“Do you see how ridiculous that boy is? I tell him over and over, ‘Don’t talk to strangers, Flynn!’ but does he listen? No he does not.”

Nina and Jeb got into a brief, friendly bout of shoving, just to get reacquainted, which spooked little Flynn into sprinting back to his mother.



“Moooommy! I don’t think I want to play with these guys anymore!”

Which in turn brought Helicopter Mom Nova stomping back to put the fear of herself into the bullies.


“Alright, which one of you horrible people scared my baby?”

No one was stupid brave enough to confess. Fortunately for their continuing health, Nova was distracted from her warpath when Flynn decided to get over his fright by running off to terrorize play with Angel. Following Angel is Flynn’s favorite game, because Angel jumps way up in the air and runs really fast when he chases her. Everyone else just looks at him in varying degrees of patient tolerance and nudges him back towards his mom when he tries to play.

Nova looked distinctly annoyed as she walked by to go chase him down again. My sympathy is limited, considering I told her not to have another lamb in the first place.


“Keeping up with that lamb is wearing me out! I’m going to stuff him in that hollow tree and never let him out!”

Eventually in all the milling around, Liam finally found Lana. I wasn’t sure he’d recognize her with her haircut, but he did.


“Hey look! It’s my girlfriend, Lana!”

Neo wasn’t terribly happy about that reunion. He’d gotten used to being the only wether in the field, and thought he should still be Lana’s boyfriend. Lana was a bit alarmed by all the attention.


“What am I supposed to do with TWO boyfriends?”

Unfortunately for Neo, Lana seems to like Liam best. She follows him around, while Nina and Neo follow her around. Neo does have my sympathy, since he is a sweet boy and doesn’t really deserve to get dumped, but Liam and Lana have always been inseparable when they’re in the same field, so I’m not surprised it turned out that way.

Nova, (back from chasing down and retrieving her adventurous son once again,) looks at me and rolls her eyes at the drama, which is a bit hypocritical of her, really.


“Why do those Shetlands have to be so dramatic?”

It’s no wonder easygoing Neo prefers to hang out with the Shetlands. He and Liam settled their differences with a minimum of pushing, and now everyone’s happy again.

Except Angel, who is keeping a suspicious eye on Flynn in case he decides he wants to play again. She says lambs are really super annoying and they shouldn’t be allowed to pick on the grown-ups, which is really very hypocritical of her. My sympathy for Angel is also limited.

No one’s fighting with any desire to injure, and Barney’s found a nice pile of waste hay to sleep on and rest his leg, so as far as I’m concerned things are good.