Mishaps and Hijinks

Chestnut broke his horn a few weeks ago, which was traumatic for both him and me. Broken horns bleed a lot for a very long time so he was unfit to be photographed until recently.

“I had a Big Ouch and now my head feels lopsided!”

Poor guy. His horns were smaller than the other three Dukelings’ from his age group to begin with, and now he only has one. I told him that technically now he’s a unicorn but he didn’t seem comforted. The four of them are very nearly identical to everyone but me (and presumably to other sheep) so at least there’s one who will be easy to identify.

I had to start feeding hay early due to the drought, so they’ve eaten the first layer of hay bales down enough to reinvent the Splendid Game of Climb Mount Food. Nina started it and is the most enthusiastic player this year, but Angel will hop up there with her if she thinks Nina’s getting better hay.

“Why is ShepherdPerson scolding and waving her arms again?”

I don’t really like them standing on their food, but sadly there is no really effective way of scolding a sheep. They have no shame. If I shoo them off they jump back up the moment I turn my back.

“Get away from my stolen hay, Nina! Stolen hay is tastiest!”

I don’t really begrudge them their games, even if they make a mess and get in the way when I’m trying to feed them. The days are very short this time of year and the girls are cooped up in the little field so they don’t kill the pasture, so I’m sure they’re bored.

But if they could avoid giving each other any more gory head injuries I’d appreciate it.

5 thoughts on “Mishaps and Hijinks

  1. Oh my goodness, poor sweet Chestnut. I’m so sorry. Please forgive my ignorance, do the horns grow back? Scolding sheep sounds about as effective as scolding cats. I feel the same way you do about it and almost never scold my indoor cats unless they are in danger.

    • Sadly it will not grow back to match the other one, it will still grow a bit from the base but at his age the growth rate is negligible so it will still be a blunt stump. Horns are mostly bone, so it’s a bit like an amputation.

      I do scold my sheep freely and often, but mostly it’s just to make myself feel better. They like to hear me talk and they can tell the difference between mild annoyance and when they’re actually in trouble haha.

  2. OH how awful! Maybe it looks worse than it is but I’m not sure.
    would the others pick on him because he is now ‘different’?
    Not sure I even want to know how he did that!! be well.

    • Fortunately no one seems to be picking on him, at least as far as I’ve seen. I don’t remember anyone harassing Jeb either when he broke his horn a couple of years ago, so maybe it’s not a drastic enough difference for them to not recognize him.

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