Sleepy Mornings

It’s harder to take pictures in the winter, because there isn’t as much daylight and it’s too cold to linger outside for very long. Even the sheep are groggy in the mornings lately. They just want to stay in their nice cozy barn and munch on the round bale in there.

Instead, mean old ShepherdPerson makes them do difficult, complicated things like go outside and remember how to walk through gates without running into the fences or each other.


“Which way is breakfast?”

The Shetlands sleepily stumble off towards the hay. Barney and Jeb have gone on strike and refuse to stay in the field with Duke anymore until he stops acting so much like a ram in rut. Unfortunately, he is a ram in rut, so they may be waiting a while.


“This way is breakfast…”

The Soays insist the hay is much too far away, and prefer to crowd around my legs and sleepily nose through my pockets. I’m very impressed by their ability to find my pockets while their eyes are mostly closed and they’re too sleepy to walk in a straight line.


“I need crunchies… need quick energy…”

I haven’t seen Nova come back in heat since the last time Duke escaped. She could have come in heat and I just missed it, that’s happened before. On the other hand, unplanned babies from brief escapes have also happened before. Apple and Ash were conceived in a breakout lasting less than a minute, so I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

If she has another pair of twin rams I’m going to strangle Duke.

By the time they all reach the yard, the cold wind is starting to wake them up a bit. Nina decides to try to pick a fight with Jeb, who hasn’t had his coffee yet and thinks he’s had enough of this fighting business from Duke and the Dukelings.

Mira determinedly ignores Drake following her around, not quite awake enough yet to deal with his flirting.


“Play with me, Jeb!”

“Mooom, Drake’s bothering me again!”

Failing to draw Jeb into her game, Nina decides to bounce up and down on her own. The only picture I got of her mid-leap, she had her head turned and her legs tucked up so she looks more like the Amazing Flying Cotton Ball than a sheep.

Jeb and Mira watched her acrobatics with great interest. Watching a big Shetland fluffball bounce around is always entertaining, even before coffee.



The others all have a lot more energy for running and climbing and bouncing by the time the sun is fully up and the frost has melted. I, on the other hand, haven’t felt fully awake in over a week. How long until spring?



I let the sheep into the yard for a while this morning. They’d been out a little while when I started hearing some worryingly loud thumping outside. I went out on the porch to see what they were up to.


“Oh, hi!”

If Angel looks up, but doesn’t come running, she must be up to something very fun.


“Don’t worry, me and Griffin and Drake are just playing in the rocks over here!”


“Standing on rocks is fun!”

I was happy to get a picture of her standing on that particular rock, because that rock was Griffin’s favorite rock to stand/pose/nap on when he was a tiny, grumpy-looking little lamb.


“This rock makes me look taller!”

Griffin and Drake saw Angel standing on a rock, so they had to find rocks to stand on, too. Of course they had to pick rocks that were inconvenient to photograph from the porch.


“This is my rock!”


“I can’t decide if I want to stay on my rock or go push Drake off of his…”

Griffin sure has grown from the little lamb who could take naps curled up on those rocks without falling off.

I decided that they were safe enough  playing around those rocks, since they’d been doing it all their lives, and came back inside. No sooner had I sat down than I heard another loud THUMP. Back outside I went.

They’d migrated over to the other retaining wall, which Griffin was making strenuous efforts to climb from the steep side. I really hope the thump I heard wasn’t Griffin being pushed falling off of that wall.


“Get down here and fight me, Drake!”

Whatever it was, nobody seemed hurt and nobody was confessing. Mira had joined in the game of walking back and forth along the wall, I guess because I was paying attention to the lambs playing instead of her.


“Anything they can do, I can do better!”

Duchess also appears to be wondering if somebody pushed her baby off the wall.

However he ended up at the bottom, it didn’t take long for Griffin to run back around to seek revenge.


“Now I’m gonna push YOU off, Drake!”

I think those boys will get along famously with the Dukelings when they get big enough. They have the same taste in Splendid Games.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I tried to take Thanksgiving pictures of the flock eating sheep feed around the trough yesterday, but they ate faster than I expected, then tackled me en masse looking for more, so that didn’t work out too well. I had to settle for breakfast-the-day-after-Thanksgiving pictures instead.



And a special happy Thanksgiving to the kids’ table, who always stick too close to my legs for me to take their picture except from a weird, straight-down perspective.


“I need more of those Thanksgiving treats we got yesterday!”

Mira has a permanent seat at the kids’ table, I think, although she has to share with Angel nowadays.


“Me too! I need more treats, too!”

Everyone had plenty of treats, which they greatly appreciated.

The fence has been fixed so Duke can no longer push his way through, which I greatly appreciate. He is not as appreciative. He ignored all treats in favor of pacing the fence raking his horns against the panels in protest.


“Back when I was a young ram, we didn’t have all this nonsense with gates and fences and ‘no lambs this year’, we had lambs whenever we jolly well wanted, like nature intended!”

There’s always that one relative who just has to make things awkward on Thanksgiving by whining about whippersnappers these days, but everyone else seems pretty happy, so I’m calling it a win.

What’s the Opposite of the Darwin Award?

Duke managed to find a 6″ weak point of the fence right by the barn, and even more impressive, cram his big shaggy bulk through what I could have sworn was too small a gap for him to fit through. It involved climbing halfway up the fence and turning his head backwards so the tips of his horns wouldn’t get caught in the panels. I am reluctantly impressed with his ingenuity. I am less impressed that he bred at least two of the ewes, so now I have the “to-Lutalyse-or-not-to-Lutalyse” quandry to decide in the next few days. I really wasn’t planning on any lambs this year. I have never met an animal so determined to ensure the continuation of his genetic line in my life.

Fixing the weak point in the fence is a bit involved, so until it’s fixed the girls have to stay in the back field (containing the weak spot) and Duke has to stay in the front fields which does not have any weak points that I’m aware of. yet. I’m not too happy about this, because I like having the girls closer to the house, but it beats ending up with every ewe in the flock bred because Duke won’t stay where I put him.


“Off we go!”

The flock was mostly happy to follow Lady off across the big new field, although Mira dawdled behind a bit, and Angel wouldn’t leave my side at all for a long time. She’s never been in the back field before, and it was a bit scary for her.


“Don’t leave me out here! It’s scary! I’m hungry! Give me treats and put everything back the way it was!”

I suspect that maybe Angel is starting to pretend she’s scared so I’ll dote on her, the same way her mother always pretends to be sick. Or at least play up how scared she is. She’s always clinging to my leg and crying while I’m outside, but if I’m not there she runs around, picks constant fights with Griffin, and seems to get along fine.

While Angel was busy being melodramatic, her grandsire, Duke, was being even more melodramatic running up and down the fenceline calling for the girls.


“Why won’t she let me make any more lambs?”

Wonders Duke, while five of his twelve lambs and grandlambs wander by in the background. Every Soay or half-Soay on the farm is descended from Duke except for Lady, Duchess, Prince Bran, and Griffin. Enough is enough, Duke.

The Dukelings were too busy to bother about the girls; they had too much exploring and climbing to do. The girls’ field has a fallen tree mountain for them to play on. It is a Splendid Game to climb up on the tallest part of the stump. It’s an even more Splendid Game to knock each other off.


“I bet I can climb the highest!”


“Watch me get up on the stump!”

Cedar and Bran abandoned the game in favor of eating dead leaves, but the others played for quite a while. One or another of the Dukelings did manage to get up on top of the stump a few times, but someone else always knocked him off of his lofty perch before I could get a picture.

I have to admit, Duke does make awfully cute babies, even if they are troublemakers. He already has a dozen, maybe another one or two won’t hurt…

… somebody remind me I said that next year if I end up with six lambs running around causing havoc.


Today the sheep got mineral mix, which means much pushing and shoving and climbing on each other to reach. Way too much activity for first thing in the morning when the sun isn’t even properly up yet.


“Out of my way!”

Poor Duke is so upset by his lack of access to the girls he wouldn’t even take a break to eat mineral mix. Minerals are the best thing ever; it has to be a pretty serious obsession for him to completely ignore minerals.

In his absence, it wasn’t long before the four Dukelings completely monopolized the feeder, while the four much larger Shetlands and crossbreds fretted anxiously behind them. Those little Dukelings are formidable.

Conspicuously absent from the skirmish on the girls’ side are Angel and Mira. Bottle babies do not compete with the masses for their treats, they get fed separately, like the royalty they are.


“Everything left in the scoop is mine!”


“I get fed by hand while Mira’s busy with the scoop, because I’m little and all those other sheep are scary!”

Once all the salt is gone, everyone starts thinking about breakfast. Or flirting. This time of year, mainly flirting. Drake and Griffin are convinced that they are big, macho rams, and Will Scarlet is not happy at all about it. Will Scarlet, like his namesake, is very much a ladies’ man, and he’s used to having all the girls’ attention to himself.

Not that Will is actually all that macho himself, really. He’s a determined flirt, but he’s not very big or impressive looking, and unless he’s running off romantic rivals he’s not particularly aggressive either, towards me or the other sheep. He’s my unofficial yardstick for behavior in the wethers. As long as you’re less aggressive/annoying than Will, you can stay with the girls. Worse than Will, and you get exiled to the ram pen.

I used to think all wethers should be like Neo to stay with the girls, but if I insisted everyone behave that well I’d end up having to toss some of the girls out, too, which would defeat the purpose.

Sadly for Will, there are two baby rams and only one of him, so he’s running himself ragged trying to keep them away from the girls.


“No flirting with Holly, Drake!”


“Hey! Griffin! I see you flirting, you stop that!”


“No flirting!”



“He’s just jealous of my rugged ramliness!”

Griffin is a handsome little guy, I have to give him that. I would have seriously considered keeping him intact if his mother and sister hadn’t had such problem-filled reproductive histories. Even if I had considered it, I probably would have changed my mind when he turned into such a pushy little punk. He’s coming very close to failing the “Less annoying than Will” test and having to move over with the boys.

The dogs were very happy when I came back from the barn, and started squabbling over who got to show me the very special stick they’d found while I was gone.


“It’s my stick!”

“Noooo, my stick!”

Echo isn’t usually much for playing, but he does like a good game of tug-of-war, mainly I think because he always wins.

Watcher was heartbroken over the loss of his very special stick. He loves to show me all the things he finds so I can admire him and his exceptional prowess at treasure-finding. Pretty much anything can count as treasure as far as Watcher’s concerned. Once when he was truly desperate he brought me an unusually long blade of grass, though he did look a little embarrassed about that one.


“It was the most special stick ever and Echo took it and now I don’t have anything to show you!”

Poor, poor Watcher. Echo wasn’t much better off. He’d gotten the stick, but wasn’t sure what to do with it once he had it. He mostly only cares about being petted, and he’s not sure what a stick has to do with being petted. He just knows that Watcher gets petted more when he has something in his mouth. Therefore, if Watcher has something in his mouth Echo must take it, and hope somehow this translates into being petted more.


“Do I get petted now, because I have the stick? Do I trade the stick for pets? Or do I need to fall down dramatically first?”

Falling down dramatically is his favorite tactic. He gets the most petting for the least work that way. Second favorite is leaning against my legs when I’m trying to walk until I give up and sit on the ground so he can flop across my lap.

I petted Echo’s ears for him, and Watcher snatched the stick back while Echo was distracted, so he got to show it to me and I got to admire and pet him, too.

Then I escaped back into the house for tea and breakfast, with a plea that everyone outside control their competitive natures and postpone any further shenanigans at least until it’s light enough for decent pictures.

New Toys

Yesterday I had a new toy to play with; thecrazysheeplady kindly loaned me one of her fancy cameras to use until I get mine repaired or replaced. It has many intimidating looking buttons and settings, and I am very proud it only took me a little over fifteen minutes to figure out how the shutter button works.

The sheep were actually (mostly) behaving themselves for once, so it was a good day to go outside and play around figuring out how to focus and zoom and things like that without having to thwart shenanigans at the same time. It’s going to take some practice to get used to juggling so many settings manually. It takes much better pictures than the camera I was using before, even with my inept handling, so I’ll keep practicing.

The moment the sheep saw me coming they abandoned their napping and ran to the gate, thinking I was going to let them into the yard. They were not happy when I came in instead of letting them out.


“What do you mean, you’re not letting us out??”

This camera is good bit bigger and louder than my old one, so it was regarded with deep suspicion.


“What is this StrangeClickyThing?”

Mira, of course, was not at all intimidated. She thought the camera would be lovely to chew up. I told her no. She drooped over my lap dramatically, and when I told her no again she threw a tantrum at me and stomped off to sulk.


“You are such a mean mommy and you never let me do anything I want to do or have any fun at all. Boo, Mommy!”

Since the camera didn’t attack Mira, Lady and Griffin had to come and investigate, too. They were also open to the possibility that it might be tasty. Holly came with Lady, but was still highly suspicious and wouldn’t come out from behind her mama.


“Is the NewClickyThing tasty? Or scary?”

Lady has some sort of branch stuck in her wool, but she ran off in a panic when I tried to pull it out. At least it doesn’t look like one of those thorn branches that work their way deeper instead of eventually falling out.

Once all the fuss was over, the two mama sheep sat with me by the fence, where we could all relax, doze and have a chat while keeping an eye on our babies playing around the round bale.


“Be careful, babies!”

That would have been a much better picture if Nova had been in focus. Oh well.

Drake and Griffin were enthusiastically trying to play king of the hill on the round bale. Round bales are an excellent invention, according to Drake and Griffin. In addition to being an excellent playground, you can also eat them! A Splendid Game on all accounts. They’re too short to actually make it to the top, but they have a lot of fun trying.


“I bet I can reach higher up than you!”

Notice the deep hole eaten out of the bale at the very highest point they can reach. They’re all causing quite an erosion problem with all that climbing.

Angel is less enthusiastic. She eats hay, but she doesn’t like it very much yet. The bottle babies I’ve had here always seem to be a little bit slower at learning to eat hay than the others.


“Why can’t we just live on crunchies until spring, instead of this DryPricklyStuff?”

That is a good question, Angel.


“Because all the crunchies are mine, that’s why!”

Mira was determined to pout behind the hay bale and give me the cold shoulder until I apologized for being so mean and let her have her way, but she had to peek out every now and then to see if I was sorry yet and to make sure I wasn’t giving Angel any crunchies.

Eventually everyone but the two bottle babies wandered off to graze, though they did perk up hopefully when I started back to the house.


“Now can we come in the yard?”

I barely got out the gate ahead of the charge.


“You are a terrible ShepherdPerson and we are all going to starve.”

I’m still getting a lot of pictures that are overexposed, or aren’t in focus, or some other problem, but I think I’m getting better at it. Editing the pictures to reduce the image size enough that wordpress doesn’t fuss at me, but not so much that the pictures look grainy is going to be another trial and error process.

Now I just have to work on getting myself back into Mira’s good books.


“It’s going to take a lot of crunchies. And I still want to chew on that camera. And I want to play in the yard. And no more giving Angel attention or crunchies. And I don’t like staying in the barn at bedtime, either.”

On the other hand, maybe it would be easier to just get used to her being grumpy with me. She always gets over it eventually, just in time to be freshly outraged the next time something doesn’t go her way. She is very spoiled, but she is too cute and sweet not to spoil. And her “Do you notice how much I’m ignoring you?” cold shoulder routine when she’s angry is very entertaining.

I let her look over my arm at the viewfinder screen to “help” me take some pictures this morning. They turned out too dark, because it is a very gloomy morning, but it seemed to mollify her hurt feelings a little anyway. Bottle babies are always very eager to “help”, especially when there are new toys involved.

Really, I’m Not Laughing

Yesterday I thought that I would write a post confirming that Griffin is a menace and a sheep of mass destruction and definitely responsible for bashing my poor barn. This was going to be the photographic evidence:


We replaced those tarps less than a month ago. He decided window installation was a Splendid Game and did all of this in one day.

While he is still definitely on the hook for the hoop house since I caught him in the act, and he is indeed a menace and a sheep of mass destruction, I must admit that I don’t think he bashed the barn wall anymore. Mostly because he wasn’t in the stall where this happened last night:


I made a very long, impassioned speech about how greatly I would appreciate it if they would kindly cease knocking the barn down, but Nova and Drake had squeezed out through the hole and were being chased all over the field by Duke and the Dukelings, so no one had attention to spare to appreciate my eloquence. Including me. I think most of it was just me repeating “Guys. What. What is this? Why? What are you trying to do to me. What. Guys. Why?” in a dazed tone while running around trying to get everyone sorted back out.

Fortunately Nova wasn’t in heat, so I think I’m safe on that front, but in the process of getting Nova and Drake back, I ended up with Duke in the barn aisle, where he unfortunately discovered that Lady was in heat.


“We’re in love now!”

I ended up having to wave my arms around and scream before Duke would leave, and even then he just gave me a sideways look and sidled out like he was pretty sure I’d lost my mind and he was only letting me have my way out of pity. I’m not saying he’s wrong, but it’s really bad for the ego to be humored by a sheep.

So, since Griffin couldn’t have been my window (door?) installer this time, and since I don’t think Drake is physically capable of knocking a board completely off the barn, I’ve come to the shocking conclusion that it must have been Liam after all.

Liam is generally an even-tempered guy, but does get violently jealous if anyone else flirts with Lana. So my new hypothesis is that Duke was making flirty noises from outside the barn and Liam tried to fight him through the wall and the wall lost.

Barney and Jeb shot through the gate and ended up with the girls when I was rescuing Nova and Drake, and I thought that would be fine, but Barney and Liam almost instantly came to blows over Lana. Liam won, and Barney ended up fleeing for his life.


“We wouldn’t have any problems if people would just leave me and my girlfriend alone!”

In the course of Barney’s panicked fleeing strategic retreat, he noticed Lady and decided to try flirting with her instead. Given that Barney is really too big to flirt with Lady safely (and Duke’s head was about to explode over having his girl stolen by Barney of all people) I ended up with Barney and Jeb in the field and all the other girls in the yard to put a buffer between them and Duke.


“Why is everybody so mean to me all the time?”

Poor Barney. For some reason nobody ever believes me when I say that he’s one of the sweetest sheep I have. Very (understandably) grumpy, and an absolute nightmare to shear, but very sweet and funny and easy to work with. Unless you have shears in your hand.

Angel does not understand what on earth is going on with everyone lately. She’s old enough that she should be at least a little hormonal herself, but she isn’t. I think she’s going to be a late bloomer like her mother and not hit puberty until next year. That happens sometimes with Soays. I’m not complaining, she can wait as long as she likes.


“Everybody out here is crazy except me!”

I mostly agree with her, except she still has that weird obsession with attacking my feet, so I do take minor issue with the “except her” bit.IMAG4887

“Take that, foot! And that!”

I think maybe there’s locoweed on the property and I just haven’t found it yet.

Not Funny… Ok Maybe A Little…

I don’t know what kind of wild party the sheep threw in the barn last night, but it was apparently the sort of party where holes get knocked into the walls.


That board is only being held up by the baseboard. I hope that party was fun.


“You can’t blame us for this!”

This is true, the board had to be knocked off from the inside, so Duke and his row of Dukelings are off the hook for this one.


“Hiiii, ShepherdPerson!”

Hi, Apple.

The Dukelings may not have been the ones who knocked the board loose, but they were having great fun taking full advantage of the new “window” to peek through. Sheep love windows, even when the barn is empty and there’s really nothing much to see.


“My turn!”

It was a mathematical inevitability that four Dukelings trying to peek through a “window” that only had room for one on each side of the board at a time led to a truly impressive battle over window-peeking rights.


“I SAID it’s MY turn to look!”

The four of them tend to gang up whenever they’re fighting with one of the bigger boys, but when they’re fighting each other it always devolves pretty quickly into “don’t you hit my brother!” with each set of twins squabbling angrily at the other set and forgetting whatever it was they were originally fighting about.

The video is a bit blurry (yay old camera!), but I like it anyway. The boys still have problems with their aim and end up both falling down more often than not. Cedar didn’t like Apple and Ash picking on Chestnut, and was lining up for a pretty impressive charge against Apple before Duke got irritated and charged in from left field to break it up. And poor little Chestnut is still the runt, but did his best anyway at backing Cedar up.

I’m not sure who to blame for installing the window in the first place. The only suspects sheep who slept in that stall last night were the Shetlands, Will, Nova, and the two ram lambs from this year.

The Shetlands obviously would never do such a thing, unless they’re much better actors than I think they are.

Will has been known to collide spectacularly with walls, both intentionally and not, but Mira’s decided they’re in the ‘off-again’ stage of their on-again, off-again relationship and I’m fairly confident Will’s still moping too much to try to break through a wall that didn’t have her on the other side.


“I’m a strong, independent ewe that don’t need no boyfriend!”

Will thinks it’s very cruel of her to put such an obviously insurmountable barrier between them. The poor boy has never had a very firm grasp on the concept of going around to the gate.

Nova would quite probably break down a wall if she thought it was in her way, but she isn’t in heat and didn’t have any real rivals on either side of that particular wall, so my money is on Drake and Griffin as the culprits. They’ve been trying to pick fights with everyone in sight for weeks trying to prove their baby masculinity, and both Will and Liam were giving them very annoyed glares when I let them out this morning.


“The wall had it coming!”

I think it’s equally plausible that they have aim as bad as the Dukelings and hit the wall by accident, or that they hit the wall on purpose trying to pick a fight with the big(ger) boys on the other side. Griffin and Drake are both BB’s sons, and Drake is also Duke’s grandson through Nova. Any violence against fences and walls would not surprise me.


“Don’t you say mean things about my baby!”

Not that I would dare level any accusations against the two of them while their overprotective mothers hover nearby. Nor would I dare to suggest that two ram lambs nearly as tall as their mothers might not need such dedicated levels of overprotective hovering. I like having my kneecaps relatively intact.

I also like having my barn walls relatively intact, but I suppose I can’t have everything.

Even Funnier

The sheep had a traumatic experience yesterday. The person who came to let them out in the morning was an Evil Imposter who looked exactly like their normal ShepherdPerson except she was wearing a poncho of all things! All that loose, flapping fabric! I think the whole flock may need therapy now.

The poncho-wearing impostor was terrifying, and they were in no way overreacting when they all went sprinting out of the barn as fast as their hooves could carry them, jumping three to four feet in the air as they went by. Except Angel, who stood about 10 feet away staring at me my evil doppleganger in horror and screaming at the top of her lungs. And Mira, who knew it was me and wasn’t fazed by the poncho, but freaked out anyway because she couldn’t figure out what everyone else was freaking out about.

I wasn’t expecting such a dramatic mass exodus, and I was a bit distracted at the time by the crack of a large number of sheep breaking the sound barrier on their way out (or possibly it was the crack of Will Scarlet misjudging his evasive maneuvers in the rush and crashing into a wall mid-leap, it was definitely one or the other) so they were all gone by the time I got my camera out.

I’d only grabbed the poncho in the first place because it was conveniently near the door when I realized it was cold outside. I remembered to wear my brown barn coat this morning, which made the sheep much happier. The barn coat is always tremendously popular, because it has many wonderful pockets that often contain treats, and it doesn’t change my shape much or flap ominously when I move, so they don’t question my identity when I’m wearing it. Once they’d sniffed at it a bit, they were able to set off towards breakfast at their usual subsonic pace.


“Whew, I’m glad we have the real ShepherdPerson back, and not that scary poncho-wearing impostor!”

Angel was born after warm weather had arrived this year, so she’d never seen the coat before. She was too excited about the many pockets to follow everyone else off to graze. The coat has four outer pockets, which combined with my jeans means eight pockets to be inspected!


“There was a ScaryFlappyPerson here yesterday! I need crunchies to recover!”

I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years, but at least I know as long as I have a large poncho I have a suitably scary costume ready if I end up needing one for some reason.

Very Funny

The other day the sheep somehow managed to get through not one, but two gates, (one of which I may have left open accidentally and one that was definitely closed and latched) and had a grand old time chewing their way through the treeline along the farm road.


“Woo-hoo! Freedom!”


“This stuff tastes way better than the stuff in our field! So many leaves!


“Why aren’t we always allowed to graze out here in the road?”

I was inexcusably out of crunchies for bribing sheep that day, but fortunately for me salt mix also makes an excellent bribe. On the other hand, using salt as a bribe usually leads to me being mobbed and coming away with a large number of little hoofprints on my jeans, which is why I generally prefer to use crunchies.

When I got back to the house I had an email from Amazon recommending an 11 pound bulk pack of Chex based on my recent shopping history, which was strange because I have never bought crunchies online. I’m starting to think this is why the sheep are always trying to steal my smartphone out of my pocket, they’re using it to do some online shopping.

Unfortunately for them, being nearly trampled by the escapees made me more inclined to bulk order gate latches, not treats.

The next morning when I let the sheep out of the barn, Lady, instead of leading the flock out to graze the way she’s supposed to, led all of them straight to the road gate and stood there waiting expectantly for me to let them out.


“You may open the gate now, we’re ready to go!”

I had a good laugh at their very funny joke, and shooed them off to their own field. Some took more shooing than others.


“All those leeeaves!”

Drake was deeply disappointed about missing out on more leaves.

If they absolutely had to get through a gate, I’m glad it was the gate to the road and not the gate to the boys. Mira cycled this week, and we won’t have time next spring to raise any more unwanted lambs.

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA“I’m not waiting around here if you’re not giving us treats or letting us out in the road! I’m going to go off with my boyfriend Will!”

Will is hopelessly smitten and hasn’t left her side in days. I approve of him as a boyfriend, they’ve been friends since they were tiny babies playing King of the Hill in the old clubhouse.


Aww, look at what cute babies they were!

Of course, the major reason I like Will for her boyfriend is that he’s wethered, so he can’t do any worse than annoy her slightly with his devoted hovering and glare jealously at any rivals who try to come near her.

I got another email this morning, this time suggesting the special 12-pack of the 18-oz “family size” boxes of Chex. I’m really going to have to stop letting them play with my phone.