Birthday Girl

It is once again Miss Miracle’s birthday! We have neither rain nor ice today, which I suppose is the best weather one can hope for in February. The two of us had her birthday party in the barn when Mira was ‘helping’ me choose which bale of hay to open today. I was trying to be sneaky because otherwise the whole flock wants to join in and Mira gets very huffy and upset when too many people come to her birthday party.

“Extra crunchies??”

The light is not good for picture-taking in the barn, and hiding in there to give Mira her birthday treats didn’t last long before everyone else came barging back into the barn to see why breakfast was taking so long, so I decided I’d go ahead and feed everyone else and then we’d do cuddles and pictures.

This was a miscalculation on my part, because I didn’t take into account that once Mira ‘helps’ me put all the hay out, she completely loses interest in me, crunchies or no crunchies.

“I don’t have time to pose, Mommy! I have to get my fair share of breakfast!”

One could get the impression she’s only interested in me for food, but I try not to take it personally. Sometimes she does want petted and fussed over, just not at breakfast. Breakfast is a serious competitive sport around here, even though there’s plenty to go around.

Lady is a clever girl and has figured out that if I’m calling “Mira!” there are probably treats to be had, so she came running when I was trying to get Mira’s attention.

“We don’t know when my birthday is, so today might be my birthday, too! Can I have birthday crunchies?”

The only information the farm Lady came from had on her birthday was “the lambs mostly came in the second half of February,” and it does happen to be the second half of February, so I gave Lady some of the treats. (Not that she wouldn’t have gotten treats anyway, she has a very cute face and she is the queen after all.) I hoped Mira would get jealous and come over, but no such luck. She was buried up to her ears in hay and didn’t see me feeding someone else.


Holly and Marigold are eating next to her, and you don’t see that mother-daughter pair letting breakfast get between them and their desire to always stay as close to each other as possible. Though that’s possibly because they eat the same thing for breakfast and Mira and I do not.

So I didn’t get the birthday pictures I wanted, but after some thought I decided that burying her face up to her ears in food is probably Mira’s favorite activity, so as long as she’s happy that’s the main point.

Happy birthday, little Miracle girl!

5 thoughts on “Birthday Girl

  1. I’m glad to have come across your blog. Never knew sheep could be so expressive! And your interpretation/explanation of their looks is so good! Thanks for sharing.

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