You Can Lead A Sheep To Pasture

But they’ll still just want to eat mud. We’ve kept the sheep out of the yard for several months because they wouldn’t quit eating holes in the ground where the salt got spilled. I can’t imagine how there’s any salt left, but grass refuses to grow over that spot even after months of no sheep bothering it, so I suppose there must still be a certain amount left in the dirt.

The season of hormones is in full swing, and everyone is more combative than usual. When things got so heated that my gentle Neo(!) managed to annoy ever-patient Liam(!!) enough that Liam actually broke into a trot to chase him away(!!!) I decided they needed a field trip to the yard to distract them before things got even more out of hand. I thought after so many months maybe the sheep would have forgotten, but alas. No sooner was the yard gate opened than they all made a beeline for the salt mine.

“At last, our favorite mud patch!”

I chased them all off and parked myself over the mud patch, telling them to go eat grass. They were highly indignant. The girls took turns trying to sneak past me one by one. On the plus side, I got a lot of good pictures of the girls every time I got in their way, even if they were annoyed.

“What is the point of being in the yard if we’re not allowed to eat mud??”

I kind of thought that all that nice green grass might be of interest, but apparently not.

“Why are you against us having fun?”

Nova has enough of her mother’s temperament I’m never quite sure if she’s going to try to go around me or through me. Or over me. I don’t think she’d care or notice much as long as she got her way.

“Rules are for sheep, I’m not a sheep I’m a baby!”

Silly, spoiled Mira. Whenever she doesn’t get her way she throws a little fit and then stomps off and gives me the cold shoulder. With frequent looks back to make sure I notice how firmly she’s ignoring me.

“I am unloved and mistreated and neglected. Worst mommy ever. I’m going to go over here and eat grass and ignore you, just to teach you a lesson!”

Lady was particularly persistent. I think being the queen for so long has gone to her head. Either that, or she genuinely thought that walking sideways past me while maintaining constant eye contact was sneaky. It’s sometimes hard to tell with sheep, they’re very hit or miss on the concept of stealth.

“I am the Queen, you are just the butler! I’m supposed to call the shots, not you!”

I’m not sure which was worse, the offended baby or the offended matriarch. At least neither of them have Nova’s horns. Or her tendency to bite. Eventually they all gave up and stormed off in a huff to eat grass, which was what I wanted them to do in the first place.

“Ugh, first time we get in the yard for months and all we get to do is eat a lot of green grass. Such a letdown.”

Though they still kept a not-subtle eye on me, waiting for the coast to clear. At least it kept them working together instead of fighting.

“She’s still there, pretend you’re not looking!”

Eventually I did have to go back into the house. I hadn’t even made it to the back door before they all ran straight back to their mud hole.

“Uh, guys? I think ShepherdPerson can see us from up there on the porch!”

I wish I knew how to get salt out of dirt, because this is very annoying. But at least if they’re eating dirt they’re not fighting, I suppose that’s as much as I can hope for in October.

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