Just the Headlines

The weather has been too miserable to take a coherent series of pictures, so here’s a highlight reel of recent snapshots:

Protests Continue Against Unauthorized Telephone Pole, Over One Year After Installation!

“I’m sure if I hit it hard enough I can knock it down!” says Angel, noted expert at knocking things down. Angel’s grandfather, Duke, a long-time authority in the field of knocking things down, offers encouragement from sidelines.

Possible Heavy Traffic On Main Roads for Morning Commute Due To Slow-Moving Vehicles Pasturemates!

“Shetlands, always holding up traffic!” says Mira, who once again loitered around begging and got stuck at the end of the queue.

Local Sheep Unhappy With Recent Heat Wave, Claim ShepherdPerson Is At Fault!

“Can we at least get some air conditioning in these hoop houses?” say local sheep in group petition.

Famous Stick Collector Hits Jackpot, Claims Ownership of Large Brush Pile

“All these sticks are only mine now!” said Mira, adding that she was wiling to tolerate sharing with Neo for the moment since he is very polite.

Recent Study by Collie Scientist Shows Exposure to Wet Grass May Be Very Dangerous to Collie Paws!

“It’s fine for you, you have rubber boots!” says Echo, known opponent of collies getting their toes wet.

Shetlands Threaten Bedtime Strike If Access to Private Stall Away From Soays Not Reinstated!

“Look at me, I’m totally a Shetland!” says Flynn, who is totally not a Shetland but likes protesting bedtime anyway.

Local Sheep Has Never Gotten Treats Ever, Says Local Sheep!

“I’m so hungry and sad and pitiful…” says Duke, perfectly healthy middle-aged former breeding ram.

Fall will be here soon, hopefully there will be some nice weather so I can take the “real” camera out and take good pictures. (Says local ShepherdPerson, who keeps saying that but hasn’t touched her “real” camera in months.)

8 thoughts on “Just the Headlines

  1. Dear Sarah,

    Oh, my goodness. I laughed and laughed. As I was reading, the typefaces in my mind kept jumping to super-huge for most headlines, as in the “most important news in the entire paper” sort of size.

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