Spoke Too Soon…

I was just saying how surprised I was that no more of the lamb-cave tree had crumbled in the recent storms, but another big chunk out of what was the “solid” trunk has fallen.

The upper, living part of the tree is looking very sparse on leaves this year compared to last, so I think the sheep are going to lose their favorite shade tree entirely soon.

At least they still have the big sycamore down in the lower part of the field and the two hoop houses for shade.

Or they could all crowd around the completely shadeless wire fences and be miserable in the sun, that works too I guess.

“I’ve been laying by this gate for ages and I’m still hot! This is not acceptable!”

The boys are no better, and they don’t even have the excuse of part of their usual shade tree falling down.

“Our shade gate isn’t working, either!

Maybe they’re just tired of being in the hoop houses after all the rain we’ve had?

Last time I looked out they were back under the lamb-cave tree investigating the damage. Hopefully more of it won’t come loose and fall on anyone’s head.

3 thoughts on “Spoke Too Soon…

  1. My first thought was…..glad no one was there to get beaned by that thing! Rain or heat and they are never satisfied!

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