Make Hay While The Sun Shines

The first half of this winter’s hay is now in the barn!

I’m sure the sheep would find this reassuring, except they were all hiding in the shade trying not to melt.

“Great, so we won’t starve to death. Big deal. What are you doing to fix this heat???”

Except for Angel, who was very upset that we wouldn’t let her supervise the unloading and was trying to unfasten the carabiners holding the gate shut.

“This would be so much easier if I had THUMBS!”

And Mira, who couldn’t decide if she was more upset that she was on the wrong side of the fence from me or that she was on the wrong side of the fence from her favorite stick. Either way, yelling at me seemed the logical course of action. Yelling at me is always the logical solution to any problem.

“Hey! Get over here with me! And bring that stick with you! But also get away from my stick and don’t touch it!”

The boys didn’t care either way, they were all hiding from the sun. Ash was clever enough to monopolize the shadow of the hay rack, while Apple baked in the sun, determined to stay near his twin but for some reason not sharing the actual shade.

“All of this shade is only mine, not even twin brothers allowed!”

Once the hay was all uploaded and the gate reopened, Mira made a beeline for her stick.

“You better not have gotten any funny ideas while I was locked out, Stick! I’m still the boss of you!”

Danny was so happy the gate was open he left the shade to lay in the sun on the other side of the fence.

“Ha-ha, I’m on this side of the fence now!”

I don’t always understand sheep logic but I assume that made sense to him. The rest of the Soays at least ran for the shade of the lamb-cave tree instead of laying down just inside the gate in the sun.

The Shetlands decided they were quite content under their current tree, and felt no need to venture into the sun to a different tree just because it was on the other side of a gate.

“More room for us!”

Jeb is so dark he blends into the shadow of the tree trunk. I know Watcher with his black fur gets hotter than Echo does, I wonder if black sheep are the same?

I sat under the tree with them for a while, but even the nicest shade tree is still hot compared to air conditioning, so I expressed my sympathies to the poor sheep and retreated to the house.

Despite their initial lack of interest, I’m sure the hay will be subjected to great scrutiny at bedtime tonight. Liam may even forgive me for dismantling his private stall to make room for it.

2 thoughts on “Make Hay While The Sun Shines

  1. Liam looks like he has a smirk on his face. And all that beautiful H A Y……they will be having dreams about it LOL

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