I Expected Better For Some Reason

After seven years of good behavior, (or at least six, he was a pretty bratty lamb) Neo has suddenly decided for some reason he needs to beat up Clover. I am willing to blame Duke, though he’s actually been behaving himself pretty well lately.

I went out to take pictures of this unusual behavior, but of course when the flock saw me coming they broke off and came running to see if I had treats. This is why so many of their shenanigans go un-photographed.

“Treats! Treats!”

And then sprinted away again the moment they realized I didn’t have any. I am under no illusions about their loyalty.

“False alarm, there’s no treats!”

Except for Mira, who hid behind my leg. I think she was hoping I would sneak her some treats once everyone else was gone.

“Good, they’re gone! Now where are my treats?”

She was extremely grumpy when treats failed to materialize.

“I said, where are my treats??”

Sometimes I think maybe she’s spoiled. Just a bit.

Once the excitement of potential treats was over, Neo went back to harassing poor little Clover. Who actually isn’t all that little anymore, but all the Soays look short next to Neo, who is unusually tall.

“I’m going to get you, Clover!”

I walked out there to tell him to behave, and he immediately stopped and tried to play innocent.

“I have nothing wrong, ever, in my life.”

I would believe him if I hadn’t been watching the whole thing. He is usually such a sweet cinnamon roll who likes having his chin scratched and will doze off in my lap if Mira doesn’t chase him off. I don’t know what’s gotten into him.

I tried appealing to Lady, telling her that she needed to teach her son some manners. She was unimpressed. I can’t blame her, she’s spent most of Neo’s life trying to stop other sheep from beating him up, not the reverse.

“It’s about time he started hitting back. I was worried about that boy.”

In other feud-related news, Lady’s horns are newly symmetrical, she’s broken the longer one off again to match the other. Actually, it was technically Daisy who broke off Lady’s horn when they were both in heat at the same time, but I digress. Lady’s horns are almost completely hollow, just the long keratin sheath with only tiny little nubs of actual bone inside, so they break off more easily and don’t bleed like normal horns would.

The flock was suspicious that I might be planning something nefarious, following them around with no treats, so they pretended to ignore me and faux-casually ambled away.

“Don’t make eye contact, she can smell fear!”

Since I never have much luck breaking up fights for more than a minute or two, I didn’t keep following them around. As of the last time I looked, Neo and Clover were both exhausted but still half-heartedly whacking each other. It shouldn’t surprise me that once Neo decided to fight somebody he’d fight like a ewe, aka to the point of collapse. Hopefully all the exercise will make them go to sleep quickly tonight and Neo will have gotten over his snit by morning.

4 thoughts on “I Expected Better For Some Reason

  1. With their excellent eyes and good memories, they know the catalog of your movements in detail and can tell when you’re up to something.

    Wonder if Clover bothered Neo and he decided that the last straw was about to break his back, so it was time to teach Clover manners.

    Very best,


    • I’m sure being very, very good at reading my body language is the secret of the sheep’s telepathy. After so many years the sheep and I can communicate very well even without words.

      I don’t know what set Neo off, but Clover can be very annoying when he sets his mind to it, so you’re probably right haha.

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