Happy 6th Birthday, Mira!

It is Miss Miracle’s birthday today, which usually would mean it’s a day to take pictures until she gets annoyed with me, but unfortunately it is a frozen wasteland out there and I don’t want to freeze my fingers off trying to take pictures. Also the ice and snow is not very photogenic after two dozen sheep have spent over a week dropping hay and other less pleasant things all over it.

This is the first birthday since Mira was born that comes close to the snowmageddon that we were dealing with when she made her entrance into the world in 2015. It’s not as deep as the 15″ of snow we had that year, but the ice layered through the snow more than makes up for it. One of the hoop houses collapsed under the weight of the ice a few days ago, which was scary but at least no one was under it at the time.

It’s supposed to get warmer over the weekend, so I might get some belated-birthday pictures next week, but for now I’ll have to make do with a picture of baby Mira’s first night, when she finally started getting warm between her doggie sweater, a belly full of warm colostrum, and being snuggled in my lap for the first of many times. She got significantly more sleep than I did that night, and for many nights afterwards as well.

And I also have a short video recorded the next morning, proving that the minute the poor little mite had the energy to move she started loudly complaining at me, also for the first of many times.

Keeping Miss Mira happy is a full time job, but she’s very cute and sweet so I don’t mind spoiling her. She is currently not very happy with me about the weather, but she was happy with the birthday crunchies she got this morning. She will be a lot happier when the snow melts I think.

Happy birthday, Mira!

8 thoughts on “Happy 6th Birthday, Mira!

  1. 6th birthday! wow, time does fly. I do remember her being so tiny. And all her clothes !
    You did such a marvelous job with her and she knows it too 🙂

    • Every time we get a significant amount of snow it makes me think of Mira. 🙂 She’s always insisted on doing everything as dramatically as possible, even being born.

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