Winter Wonderland

We have the perfect amount of snow outside today, enough to look pretty and make grazing impossible but not enough to make it hard for the sheep to walk. The sheep disagree of course, any amount of snow is too much in their minds. Everyone ran for the hay feeders, except for the two bottle babies, Angel and Mira. They both turned around and ran back to me to demand their breakfast.

“Mommy! Where’s our food!”

And they helpfully followed me back to the barn and reminded me where the hay is, just in case I forgot since yesterday.

“It’s in here, you just have to open this latch!”

I live in dread of the day they figure out how to work the barn door latch.

Since there are now seventeen(!) sheep in the girls’ pen, the big hay rack is a bit too crowded, even with the one small feeder relieving some of the crowing. I decided to toss some extra hay into one of the other seldom-used feeders hanging on the fences, thinking that the two or three sheep that get squeezed out could eat there. Of course I ended up with two sheep at the small rack they share with the boys…

… three sheep at the big rack (count the legs)…

… which according to my math left twelve sheep either mobbing the extra feeder I decided to fill or pawing at my legs in frustration because they’ve been pushed away from the extra feeder. Because that hay is clearly much better.

“This is the best hay ever!”

It all came from the same bale, there shouldn’t be any difference. Sheep are very clever but they can also be so silly.

Watcher was waiting at the gate to escort me back to the house in case I got lost due to the snow, or in case I forgot the way since yesterday. Sometimes all these animals “helping” me makes me suspect they think I have a shockingly bad memory. They seem to like me anyway, so I suppose it doesn’t matter.

“Are you ready to go back now? My paws are cold!”

One has to admire Watcher’s loyalty, waiting out in the snow for me to finish with the sheep. He always loves running around and playing in the snow, but not so much standing around or sitting in it.

Echo waited on the nice dry porch, but did come running to meet us when we were on our way back. I think he heard me praising Watcher for being so helpful and got jealous. He is firmly of the opinion that he is the only dog around here who should be petted and made a fuss over.

“Wait for me! I’m a good boy, too!”

Watcher took this as a sign that Echo really wanted to play chase in the snow.

“Here I come!”

“I got you!”

Then they had to race each other back to me, while I took pictures as fast as the camera could shoot. Watcher may have cheated just a bit, play-biting at Echo’s ears and ruff at every opportunity.

Here they come!

Almost there!

The next picture on the camera’s storage is a picture of the ground I took on accident as two collies collided with my legs, and then I had no free hands for picture taking. It’s difficult to walk with the two of them going around and occasionally between my legs, Watcher trying to get Echo to play by jumping on him and chewing on his ears, and Echo trying to push Watcher away and insisting I pet him with both hands instead of petting each of them with one hand. It takes at least two hands to properly pet a collie, in Echo’s opinion.

The snow is already starting to melt so I don’t think it will last long, but it was fun while it lasted. If it was deep enough to give the sheep trouble I would be complaining, but this thin layer of snow was just enough to give everyone a nice change of pace this morning.

Well. A nice change of pace according to everyone except the sheep. But they will survive until the snow melts, despite their own expectations. They always do.

2 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. But it did look like you got a couple of inches. BEST HAY………OVER HERE! They do crack me up. re the 2 playing dogs……on yes, mine could ‘kill’ me in a heartbeat if I don’t constantly watch them esp when the Wolfhound swings around in front of me…….all 38 inches of her and I fall down. bah

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