Happy New Year!

Today it is very rainy and the lowest point of the pasture is flooded to the middle of my calf, so I am going to use pictures from two days ago and pretend that was New Year’s. The sheep don’t know the significance of one day over another, anyway.

“Yay! Breakfast!”

This is more like what I’m used to in the mornings. A nice family breakfast with everyone together and hardly punching each other at all. The feeder is a bit crowded with that many sheep, so there is lots of milling around until they all find a spot to eat. For some reason on this particular day the hay on the right side of the feeder was much better than the hay on the left side, which added to the pushing and shoving.


Someone needs to invent a feeder with wire mesh sides so they can pull hay out without needing to stand on their hind legs. Oh, wait, they can pull hay out without climbing on the feeder, they just like eating from the top, making a mess and dropping hay on their neighbor’s backs.

I took a video of them eating, featuring Danny trying to eat the roof, Neo running over for extra treats, Angel punching Nina for no reason, and Mira trying to push Holly out of her way even though there was plenty of room, then looking back at me when she lost her spot to make sure I saw how mean everyone is to her. When Mira was a baby I used to stand next to her at the feeder to make sure she didn’t get squeezed out since that’s what the sheep mamas do for their babies, but at some point a mother has to consider the possibility that her kid might be the bully.

Videos don’t always show up in emails, so click through to the blog if it doesn’t show up.

I filled the small feeder to relieve some of the crowding, whereupon they all ran to overcrowd that feeder instead. This left a few of the less pushy sheep squeezed out until they looked back and realized they could have the big feeder mostly to themselves.

“Hey Danny, look! There’s room at the big feeder now!”

Angel elected not to brave the crowds at either place, dragging a big clump of hay out and carrying it off with her so she could eat and keep tabs on me at the same time. She’s in favor of fighting in general, but sometimes she just wants to eat her breakfast and keep an eye out for any crunchies I might drop.

“I’m taking my breakfast to-go!”

So far today everyone is mostly eating during the gaps in the rain, and otherwise hiding in the hoop houses. They don’t like the rain, but I’m choosing to take it as a good omen that maybe we won’t have a drought this year. Here’s hoping for a better year than the last one all around!

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • Mobbing the feeder is much preferable to mobbing me, yes. 🙂 The only exception to the rule of the best hay being on top is hay which they’ve turned their noses up at for two days after I take it out of the feeder and toss it out. Then the waste hay is much better than the new hay, haha!

  1. Since they like to stand up to eat, maybe you should just raise up their feeder… nah. That would present a whole new challenge for them.
    Happy New Year!

    • I have considered it! But they would be trying to climb inside at that point I’m afraid, plus the poor Shetlands (minus Nina) don’t like to climb and they don’t deserve to have their meals made more difficult.

      Happy New Year!

  2. I am surprised that Angel thinks she can get too far pushing Nina around: it’s like pushing a very large pillow on legs. Then again, is there anything Angel doesn’t butt?

    Enjoyed so very much watching their breakfast. Glad it was a relatively peaceful one, and hooray for a grand feeder!

    • If anything exists that Angel will not butt, she has not encountered it yet! She reminds me very much of Princess, in the way that relative size never seems to cross her mind when she decides to Lay Down the Law. She is still making occasional attempts to push the new utility pole over, which I sincerely hope she never succeeds at!

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