Belated Merry Christmas

I wanted to take a nice group shot of everyone eating their breakfast together on Christmas, but my camera battery died before I could take any pictures. And then our internet and phone service went out for the rest of the day, so I couldn’t have posted anything anyway. Not having internet or phones was so disorienting that I forgot to charge the battery, and therefore missed getting breakfast pictures the next day as well. The day after that I had the battery charged, but forgot to actually put it back in the camera. It’s been a very strange week.

This morning I actually managed to have a working camera with me to take breakfast pictures, though without the nice Christmassy snow we had on the actual holiday. Predictably, this was the day they decided to break their usual tradition of all crowding around the feeder together.

What is this, only five sheep interested in breakfast? This is not like my flock. Except on further investigation it is like them after all. Duchess and Lana were both in heat and therefore had to duel to the death and didn’t have time for breakfast, with Danny tagging along to watch the show…

“I’M the prettiest!”

… and Lady had led most of the rest of them off to stage a peaceful protest by the yard gate, insisting they wanted yard grass instead of hay this morning. So my plans of getting belated-Christmas breakfast pictures have once again been thwarted. Oh well.

“More hay for us, then!”

Holly and her two year old “baby” Marigold stayed behind to eat out of the top of the feeder together, side by side as always. I decided that was as close as I was going to get to a family picture of the girls.

“Stop taking pictures and feed me, I’m hungry!”

Barney stuck to his usual routine of hanging out by the smallest hay feeder and insisting he is horribly mistreated and couldn’t possibly fight his way in at the boys’ main feeder, which is an exaggeration at best. He may or may not be mistreated by the other boys sometimes, but he has no trouble getting to the hay.

There really isn’t much point in filling the little feeder since it only holds one flake of hay, but it gives everyone another source of food to squabble over and relieves some of the crowding at the big feeders, so I fill it anyway. Also everyone is convinced the hay in the smaller feeder is better and they get upset if I don’t fill it up.

“I’m mistreated and hungry, too!”

Apple is not mistreated by anyone. In fact he and the rest of the Dukelings are usually the ones dishing out any mistreatment in the boys’ flock. He’s just a terrible mooch and unfortunately very cute, so he usually gets what he wants.

Despite Barney’s habit of staking out the small feeder every morning, once it’s filled he generally realizes the hay is exactly the same as all the rest and goes back to the main feeder, where miraculously he now has no trouble reaching the hay.

“I guess it’s not that crowded after all!”

I may not have been able to get the picture I wanted of the girls’ flock, but at least I got one of the boys eating breakfast together. Maybe the girls will be more cooperative for New Year’s breakfast?

4 thoughts on “Belated Merry Christmas

  1. Well it is still 2020 ;0 They may be a nuisance at times but they are so Cute and those EYES! How could you ever resist them πŸ™‚ OK, New Years Breakfast! ha

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