Double Standards

Duchess and Daisy seem determined to usurp Angel’s place as The Most Troublesome lately. The day before yesterday the two of them ganged up on Lady so aggressively that they actually managed to hurt her. I had to split the girl flock between two fields to separate them. Lady is still walking a bit gingerly, but nothing seems to be broken so I think she just strained something when she fell down.

Duchess seems to have given up their vendetta, but Daisy is still following Lady everywhere. She isn’t butting Lady anymore or I’d still have them separated, but she is making an annoyance of herself. Lady’s going to be eight next spring, she doesn’t need this sort of nonsense.

She’s still behind me, isn’t she?”

“You gotta make her stop, she’s driving me crazy!”

“I’m not doing anything!”

Angel saw me taking pictures of Lady and Daisy and had to come over and run the two of them off to make sure I wasn’t giving treats or attention to anyone but her. And then she swatted me with her head when I tried to pet her, just to reclaim her title of Most Troublesome. She either doesn’t like competition or she likes it too much, I’m not sure which.

“I only like competition when I’m beating up the competition!”

Once Angel drew everyone’s attention to me there was a bit of a scuffle as the rest of the flock came over to make sure I wasn’t handing out crunchies, but all of those pictures came out as indecipherable blurs for some reason. The reason, of course, being Mira hovering over my lap and jostling my camera arm.

“This is my mommy! All you sheep go away!”

She likes competition even less than Angel, but while Angel finds fighting invigorating, Mira finds it stressful and upsetting. She will butt other sheep away from me if she “must,” but she prefers to get very whiny and clingy instead of fighting.

“Moooom, you’re only supposed to pay attention to meeeee!”

Poor little neglected girl. She gets no love at all. (Even Angel has begrudgingly accepted that she can’t keep Mira away from me. Much the same way Mira resentfully tolerates Angel.) I tried to give her a hug and got swatted by her, too. Both of my bottle lambs are Problem Children today. I am a pushover for Mira’s sad faces, but she is much less affected by me making exaggerated sad faces at her.

“I don’t want hugs! I want to sit in your lap and eat crunchies! It makes me very sad when I don’t get what I want!”

Personal space clearly is only a thing that applies to sheep, not to ShepherdPeople. Although Daisy isn’t respecting Lady’s personal space either, so maybe sheep just have one standard for themselves, and a different standard for everyone else. I stopped to scold Daisy one last time on my way back to the house, since she was still hovering so close to Lady that they looked like a shaggy pushmi-pullyu.

“I’m not bothering Lady, ShepherdPerson!”

“Yes she is!”

“ShepherdPerson, you need to stop following me around everywhere, it’s really annoying and makes me uncomfortable.”

On second thought I’m positive sheep just have double standards. Hopefully Daisy will get bored and find someone else to bother soon, so Lady can have some peace.

7 thoughts on “Double Standards

  1. Kids! Glad Lady is okay.
    My bengals are acting up also.
    Maybe it the change in weather. The snow. Or the car that drive down the road. Or, I know, the UPS delivery truck!
    You and your kiddos have a wonderful holiday season!

    • I think it’s a matter of hormones, which are a product of the season. I’m almost certain Daisy was in heat, which usually leads to fighting, particularly in young ewes. 🙂

  2. Well, that is quite interesting…to me, not to Lady! Poor thing. Glad she is OK.
    And then the Mira F A C E! OMG, how could one ever resist? My dogs were being stupid out in the middle of the night last night, BARKING, some day someone is going to shoot them if I don’t get to them first!!!

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Huh. Now why Daisy would shadow Lady, rather than butt her, puzzles me, unless she is by her close presence telling Lady that she, Daisy, is the prettiest.

    Mira, resident lap-sheep. Yikes, it’s cold to be sitting down on the ground with her, though! At least you lap and hands would be warm.

    Very best,


    • Daisy is doing basically what I do to them, following Lady around enough to keep her constantly on guard, but not actually attacking her and giving me an excuse to chase her off.

      Mira will always be a lap-sheep I think. I think she remembers being tucked snugly inside my coat when she was a baby, though she’s nice and wooly and probably warmer than I am, Haha

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