Perfectly Average Winter Day

I’m running out of creativity for blog post titles.

Today has been a fairly ordinary day. The girls went out to graze, then they all simultaneously wondered if maybe I might have crunchies in my pocket and came flying back through the gate to me to check, Mira in the lead.



Since I did not, in fact, have any crunchies, I was quickly relegated to an uninteresting background feature of the landscape and everyone wandered off again to graze, except Danny and Clover, who felt the need to demonstrate their toughness. Again.


“This will show everyone how tough we are!”

Sadly, no one seemed very impressed. Even if they were a bit bigger, I think watching the same two sheep sparring over and over again wouldn’t stay impressive for long.

Everyone congregated in front of the basement doors to see if I’d set any salt out for them. Not finding any, they took renewed interest in me and started casually heading my way en masse.


“Everybody act casual, but be ready to charge!”

Since this oh-so-casual ambling tends to suddenly turn into a mad dash when they get close enough to pounce, I decided to embrace the better part of valor and retreated to the safety of the house for breakfast.

It only took an hour or so for their periodic yelling crying to make me feel guilty enough to go give them salt, even though I hadn’t planned on giving them any today. I suspect they were taking turns. They certainly came running fast enough when I caved to their demands.


“Wait for us, Duchess!”

Duchess is once again pursued by Danny and Flynn, while Daisy and Clover wisely take cover with Holly. Danny hasn’t given up competing with Flynn yet, even though Flynn wins every time.


“Wait for-OOF!”

Perfectly timed shot of Danny being boosted right off his feet from behind by Flynn. I’d feel sorry for him if it didn’t make me laugh.

Once the frenzy over the salt was over, I snuck around to the porch balcony so I could take pictures of the lambs playing King of the Hill on the retaining wall.


“I’m King of the Hill!”


“No, ME!”

The smaller lambs quickly retreated to play in the rocks around the wall, while Flynn monopolized the wall itself. Danny kept sneaking up behind him whenever he wasn’t looking. Angel watched, wondering if it was worth the effort to climb up there and remind them all that she is The Toughest. She must have been feeling benevolent today, because she left them alone and wandered off to graze.

About noon everyone settles in to nap and ruminate. I feel like I don’t post many pictures of the big boys, and those I do are always of fighting or begging, so here’s one of them settled down peacefully together in the waste hay around the feeder, while Duke stands watch over his brood.



Even if there’s nothing particularly noteworthy going on with the flock, somehow they’re never boring. And average, ordinary days are nice days to have.

2 thoughts on “Perfectly Average Winter Day

  1. Hi Sara. It doesn’t matter to me how (un)creative your titles may be, I thoroughly enjoy reading about your flock and chuckling over the pictures. 😀

    • I love writing about my little flock and sharing pictures of them, even when I can’t think of anything new or creative to say that I haven’t said a hundred times before. 😊

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