No Good, Very Bad Day

The boys, both the two rams from this year and the four Dukelings, finally had their long-delayed appointment with the vet. I think my vet and her assistant are going to need a chiropractor after wethering six tiny guys in one day. I know I could use one.

Mira and Angel refused to go out in the field with everyone else, so we had to work with Mira playing supervisor and “helping” by sticking her nose in everything, and Angel running around yelling at all of us for not paying attention to her. Bottle babies are always so underfoot. It’s a good thing they’re so lovable.

I cleaned up the area where the vet worked pretty well according to me, but according to the sheep it’s a blood-drenched crime scene to be avoided at all costs. Possibly including white chalk outlines. They all scooted out of the barn single file this morning walking as close to the edge of the aisle as possible and staring at the “crime scene” suspiciously.


“Something very bad happened right there, we can sense it!”

The boys stayed in the lane for 24 hours after they were wethered, but today I let them out with the girls until they recover. They don’t need to have to keep up with Duke and the big wethers in their current… compromised state.



Although apparently Griffin at least wasn’t too compromised for important things like nursing. Griffin and Drake are both old enough to wean, but the boys and their mothers have both made it clear that no one asked me for my opinion on the proper weaning of lambs. Since there’s now no chance of the boys causing any unplanned pregnancies, I guess there’s no harm in letting them sort it out at their own pace.


“Mira, will you be my girlfriend?”

All the Dukelings plus Griffin immediately started trying to flirt with Mira, which. Well. You have to give them points for resilience, if nothing else, to be thinking about flirting again that soon after such a Very Bad Day. She wasn’t in heat, so she ran off pretty quickly and they weren’t quite up to chasing after her.


“Daaad, it was terrible!”

Duke misses his Dukelings, and I think they miss him, too. He was at the fence looking for them, and they all made a wobbly, toddling beeline for the fence to complain to him while everyone else headed for the trees at the far end of the field.


“Don’t walk so fast, Mama!”

Some sheep made faster progress towards the trees than others.


“You are the worst ShepherdPerson EVER!”

Grumpy Griffin and his angry little face. In this case I think he has complete justification for grumpiness. He has no way of knowing his choices were to be wethered or to be exiled to the ram pen.

Drake was even grumpier, and Nova was keeping him hidden behind her while glaring at me accusingly. I couldn’t get a picture of anything except his tail today.


“Don’t you try to touch any of MY babies!”

Lady was also trying to keep all of her children close, even though all three of them are big and grown up now. She really didn’t need to worry anyway, since Holly is a ewe and Neo and Will already had their Very Bad Days. Fortunately none of the boys this year were as dramatic as Will Scarlet was. Nobody is as dramatic as Will Scarlet.


“I have been faithfully waiting here all these years for you to come back…”

No one except sad Echo whose ears went unpetted for far too long while I was up at the barn. Fortunately, neglected ears are an easy problem to fix.

Getting back into the boys’ good graces is going to be a harder task. I think I’d better stock up on crunchies.


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