Mother Love

I try to update the blog at least once a week, but I somehow missed last week. Oh well. I suppose that means nothing terribly noteworthy must have happened.



The boys were all dozing right up against the barn doors, as usual. I reminded myself for approximately the 375th day in a row that I really need to call the vet about getting the Dukelings wethered so they can go in the barn safely. Drake and Griffin now, too. The boys are starting to pile up, and they’re all getting too big for their hypothetical britches. Apple was chasing poor Jeb all over the field last night trying to pick a fight. Apple, Stop That!



They all came thundering down to the fence when they saw me, even though they know they don’t get crunchies in the morning. Hope springs eternal.

Mira was deeply torn about whether she should run off with her friends for breakfast or stay with me. She actually does get one or two crunchies in the morning every now and then, just because she’s my baby and I spoil her. I didn’t have any this morning, though. If I have crunchies she always stays with me, if I don’t she dithers and usually compromises by grazing about halfway between me and the rest of the flock. I don’t know how she knows if I have treats on me or not, but she always does.


“What should I do?”


“Why can’t you just stay out here all the time, like all the other mommies?”

Poor Mira, she has such an uncooperative mommy. Of course nowadays it’s not only the crunchies she has to worry about. She also has to keep a close eye on her Bitter Rival, and give her a swift bump if it looks like I’m paying too much attention to Mira the Second Angel.


“I think we should always get morning crunchies! Especially us little lambies who are still growing!”

Little Angel may be a bit spoiled and bad about jumping up on people, but she is such a pretty girl you can’t scold her. Just like her mother and grandmother. I imagine she’ll have a lot of fanboys when she grows up, also like her mother and grandmother.

Drake was the first to start flirting with Mira this morning. That ended the same way as always. Mira butted him, they got in a fight, Nova came flying over to protect her precious little boy, they got in a fight, and in the end Mira and Nova ended up mad at each other for no good reason while Drake went back to grazing and forgot the whole thing happened.


“Don’t you come near my baby, Mira!”

“Your baby is a menace!”

“Hmm, this grass sure is good! I wonder what Mama and Mira are mad about?”

And then he ran off to try flirting with Duchess, who was deeply unimpressed by his attentions. The ego of a ram lamb is eternally resilient.


“Hey, Duchess!”

“Leave me alone, I’m trying to eat breakfast!”

“Nova, your baby’s being a menace again!”

Nova pointedly does not see any objectionable behavior her little prince might be up to. Not that Duchess has too much right to complain, since her baby has equally bad manners, which she is equally blind to.


“Will you be my girlfriend, Mira?”



“No. Go away.”

Nova is definitely judging Griffin there. Nova is quite firmly of the opinion that Griffin is a pest. No lamb of hers would ever act like that, she’s sure. Her four sons are all perfect gentlemen who never cause trouble. (Johnny, Apple, Ash, Drake… nope, no colorful characters there at all!)

I’ve decided that lambs have a supernatural power which compels their mothers (surrogate or not) to spoil them and let them get away with everything no matter how naughty they are. It’s the only possible explanation.


4 thoughts on “Mother Love

  1. Ah, the trials and tribulations of ‘teenagers’! We say dogs are 7 years older in human terms for every year of their life, is there a correlation like that for sheep?

    • Sheep are about the same as dogs, lifespan 8-12 years depending on breed and gender, with some individuals living much longer. Soays are supposed to be fully mature at 3 years, but I suppose that depends on your definition of maturity, haha. 😉

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