I noticed I hadn’t taken any good pictures of the ram lambs lately, so today I tried to focus on getting close-ups of them. Drake refused to cooperate, but I did get a pretty nice one of Griffin, who is still Mr Angry Eyebrows when photographed straight on. The angry eyebrow markings are starting to be overshadowed by his horns, though. The growth rate of a ram’s horns always amazes me; it doesn’t seem like it should be physically possible for them to grow that fast.


“I need big horns so I can impress the girls! I’m trying to get a girlfriend, but they just keep butting me away!”

I like this picture. It has Griffin and Duchess in the foreground, Lady with all three of her babies in the background, and Nova swooping in from the side to retrieve her wayward son just for added interest.


“Can we have crunchies for breakfast?”

I like this picture, too. The Shetlands always seem so peaceful and picturesque, standing in that green grass.

As I was taking this picture I felt a tugging on my back pocket, and discovered Mira trying to steal my cell phone while I was distracted.


“Hey, why aren’t you paying attention to me?”

So then I had to stop and make a fuss over Mira of course, and then Angel ran up and needed to be fussed over, too. Then Mira got jealous and started trying to run Angel off, and it was all very dramatic.


“You’re MY mommy! You’re only supposed to pet ME!”

Fortunately my mother was with me this morning, and since she’s Angel’s “real” mom, Angel was happy to run back to her when Mira started getting pushy.

Once everyone migrated to the yard, I gave them some mineral mix, which is even more wonderful than crunchies. Feeding them minerals is not one of my favorite chores. They’re so crazy about it I always end up getting mugged, as documented by my mother’s cell phone camera.


“Mine, Mine, MINE!”

Most of the salt was already in the tray, but of course the salt in the scoop is better. Liam and Nova pigged out while everyone else was hypnotized by the scoop.


“You guys keep after ShepherdPerson, leave the tray to us!”

If Neo the sweet cinnamon roll is jumping up on me, I’m willing to consider that there may be actual drugs in that mix.

Soon enough, the salt in the tray is gone and Liam and Nova join the rest.


“We want more!”

Angel, despite having gotten her salt hand-fed to her, decided to check out the tray just in case.

Mira gives little Griffin the stink-eye. He’s been fanboying over her a lot lately, so she’s annoyed by his general existence at this point, even without delicious mineral mix to fight over.

As always, the feeding frenzy ends with me running for the basement doors to escape the woolly piranhas, with muddy hoof-marks all over my clothes.


“Nooo, come back with the salt!”

There were a lot more sheep than just Mira and Angel yelling at me through the basement doors today. Greedy sheep, anyone would think they were mistreated.

Fortunately it’s usually only the bottle babies that think to run around to the back porch and continue their yelling. Neither Angel nor Mira particularly wanted to share the porch steps, but that’s the harsh reality of not being the only bottle baby on the farm.

“Hey, what are you doing on my stairs?”

“These are MY stairs! I was here first!”

Sometimes I feel sorry for Mira, but then I remember that she wouldn’t have to compete with a younger rival if she’d raised Angel herself. Then I feel less sorry for her.

But only a tiny, tiny, bit less. Because Mira’s still my baby and I’m a pushover for sad Miss Miracle eyes.


8 thoughts on “Spoiled

  1. With that carry on LOL how do you know who gets how much mineral mix? That’s a mob scene and you are lucky they aren’t bigger! Do the Shetlands not need it?

    • Mostly I don’t know who gets how much, and I can’t really regulate who gets how much very well because they’re more determined than I am, haha. I just try to make sure everybody gets at least some.

      Liam got plenty of salt, probably more than his share, but Lana was worried because there were two people outside and usually that means we’re up to something nefarious like giving her a haircut, so she wouldn’t come even for mineral mix. I’ll have to try to get some to her and Nina later. πŸ™‚

  2. We need sound. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰. Have you ever been dragged by a friend or family member to the Black Friday “sale” at 0:dark30? Your flock remind me of the typical sale attendees, pouncing on the poor salesperson who’s been relegated to carrying out the few (this part should be screamed) “90% off!” small electronics. Not a sight for the faint-hearted.

  3. It’s a good tbing only Neo attempted to climb on you to get at the salt. Woe betide had it been Liam? Kerblonk, thud.

    So did Lana prevent Nina from rushing over with her buddies? Hoping she calmed down later. Fey girl…

    Very best,

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