Never Happy

When it’s sunny, like it was a few days ago, the sheep head out single-file to graze in the morning. They all tend to run out ahead of me in their quest for breakfast, except the bottle babies who tend to sick close just in case I decide to give them crunchies.


“Breakfast time!”

The Shetlands were out in front that day, which is a bit unusual, but I suppose Liam might have just been especially eager to get to graze. Liam isn’t deliberately pushy, but he’s so big nobody usually gets in his way. Except Griffin and Drake, but they’re ram lambs and therefore have no sense of scale. (Or sense in general, to be honest.)

Despite their initial enthusiasm, it doesn’t take very long before the sun starts bothering them and everyone comes back to huddle in the shade and complain about the weather.


“Grumble-grumble, it’s too hooooot. I don’t like it.”

Well, almost everyone.


“Crunchiiieeees! They’re in this pocket here, where my hoof is!”

Angel’s been picking up Mira’s manners, unfortunately. If anything, I think she might be a tiny bit more demanding, which is a bit scary to think about.

In contrast to the sunny days, on rainy days like this morning the single-file march to breakfast is droopy and grumpy, and tends to drag along behind me instead of charging ahead.


“Grumble-grumble. Everything’s wet. I don’t like it. Make it stop.”

Little Angel somehow ended up out in front today, which was pretty funny. Even she wasn’t sure how that happened. I couldn’t get the whole procession in one shot, but everyone (including me) was grumping along half wishing they’d stayed in bed.


“Grumble-grumble. Grazing in the rain is not a Splendid Game.”

The single-file march only lasts to the gate. Once through, they wander off to graze. The Shetlands usually only go a short distance, while the Soays venture forth as far as possible before everyone settles down to focus on breakfast.


“Grumble-grumble, breakfast is all wet. I’m getting wet. Why do those Soays want to go all the way out there when there’s grass right here?”

Well, almost everyone.


“Crunchiiiees! Everything’s wet! I’m hungry, I need crunchies!”

She was very confused by my rain coat’s lack of pockets. ShepherdPeople are supposed to be naturally equipped with lots of pockets full of crunchies and cell phones and other fun things for sheep to steal.

She was also highly unhappy that I didn’t bring her into the house with me. She yelled at me through the basement door until she heard me going up the steps, then she ran around to the porch gate to yell at me some more.


“Hey! You forgot me!”

Why do they have to be so cute? It’s so hard to ignore a crying lambie. Of course once she hits a certain volume I’m just as glad she’s doing her yelling outside.

Last time I checked everyone had taken the edge off their hunger and then retreated back to huddle under the hoop houses and complain about the weather.

8.jpg“HEEEEEY! Did you hear me? I said YOU FORGOT MEEE!”

Well, almost everyone.




8 thoughts on “Never Happy

  1. Angel is adorable, if annoying. Please post a YouTube or Instagram of her whining.

    I don’t blame the sheep for being hot. And if it’s hot *and* wet – well, wearing wet wool in 90degree heat would be awful. ShepherdPerson, make it stop! 😉

  2. Sophy is right…… and wet = ugly! Funny how they have their set dining places and Angel knows where hers Should be!!

  3. Dear Sarah,
    I started giggling about grumbling damp sheep and laughing when the last picture showed a deeply annoyed Angel, mouth open and yelling so loudly that I could hear her right through the written page.

    Very best,

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