We had heavy rain most of the day Friday. The sheep had much to say about this, all of it negative. Angel was particularly vocal, since she hasn’t been stuck outside in a heavy rain before. She had her choice of three different shelters to get under, but still.


“It was terrible! How am I supposed to eat grass like a big girl with water falling on me out of the sky?!”

Being an outside sheep instead of a house sheep is a very trying experience.

The sheep are still convinced that there is no grass at all anywhere and their only food source is the trees.


“Quick, everybody to the trees!”

Unfortunately they’ve already pretty well stripped the trees as high as they can reach.


“Now what are we going to do?”

Griffin is flirting with Lady, who is deeply unimpressed. Usually it’s Duchess who gets all the fanboys, but since Griffin is her baby he has to devote his attention to the other girls.


“I need crunchies, I had a traumatic experience!”

Crunchies are a remedy to cure all ills. Angel has become quite a fan of crunchies since she decided she didn’t want her bottle anymore. Mira has very firm objections to that, and makes determined but usually unsuccessful attempts to chase her away. They end up playing ring-around-the-rosie around my legs.


“Ahem, why are you giving that little squirt my crunchies? I’M your baby, so I believe all the crunchies are MINE!”

While the bottle babies squabble at each other, the rest of the flock devotes their attention to eating the (apparently substandard) grass and looking wistfully at all the leaves they can’t reach.


“Sigh, all those yummy leaves…”

The dogs keep careful watch from the other side of the fence, waiting to escort me back to the house. Usually they also end up playing ring-around-the-rosie around my legs. Those games make it very difficult to walk.


“When do we get our crunchies?”

Echo isn’t a fan of getting wet, either. It’s hard to get him to go out in the yard at all when it’s raining. He is a fan of crunchies, though.

The animals may not have liked it, but we needed the rain. It’s made everything green again, so I was glad to see it.


6 thoughts on “Rainstorm

  1. Your sheep breeds evolved on islands where there are no trees; now we know why. Their ancestors ate all the trees.

  2. After reading your blog for a couple of years, I just got 2 Soays today! 2 yrs old brothers, wethers, one dark and one light. I’m so excited! They are as beautiful in person as I expected, although shaggy since they haven’t finished shedding their fleece. I hope they get along with my 4 goats. Thank you for inspiring me! I love reading about your animal adventures! Next stop: the grocery store for Cheerios.

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