Saturday Morning

I like Saturday mornings, when I can let the sheep out and visit a little bit instead of rushing off to work. Unfortunately I keep forgetting to charge the batteries in my real camera so all I’ve gotten lately are phone pictures, which are always zoomed in too far for some reason and are usually focused oddly.


Holly gave me a bit of a scare last night wobbling around twitching her head, but it turned out she just got something in her eye. The wobbling was from trying to navigate with one eye closed and keep her “blind” side to Lady.

Today she’s still a bit squinty but the eye is clear and she’s acting better. Unless something changes I’m going to chalk it up to Lady’s family always wildly overreacting to minor injuries.


I want to have words with whoever introduced Angel to climbing on me trying to stick her nose in my pockets. I wonder who on earth that could have been, hmmm…

“Does she have to hang around with us?”

If Mira’s accepted Angel enough to teach her bad habits I guess that’s good enough for me. She seems resigned to having Angel around her, so that’s an improvement over the days when she wouldn’t stop attacking the poor baby trying to drive her away from “her” humans.

“Mira knows lots of Splendid Games, and she wants to come live in the house, too! Can we come back in the house, please?”

Nope. Sorry. One way ticket.

They really wouldn’t like it in the house anymore, since there isn’t any food for them. They just think they want in. What they really want is for me (and my mom, who’s more Angel’s mom than I am) to move out with them, but I’m not on board with that plan.


My nice, serene early-morning landscape looks decidedly less serene with Neo and Mira trying to reach the tree leaves instead of eating the grass.

The Shetlands are off in their own little Sane Sheep Club. Nina was hanging out with them this morning, even though in her mind she’s Obviously A Soay. I guess she has dual citizenship or something.

“I gots a tasty leaf, ShepherdPerson!”

Griffin still has angry eyebrows but he’s grown into them well enough they’re not as noticeable. He’s turning into a very determined flirt (Duchess is his mom, so that’s no surprise) instead of a grumpy sleepy-head. Although he does still take a lot of naps.

“I gotta practice for my rematch with the Dukelings!”

The sheep won’t eat those purple stalky weeds, so I’m assuming they’re probably poisonous or something, but the thick stalks are ideal for sharpening horns, apparently. The purple rubs off on their horns and gives them a nice bloody look so they can scare ShepherdPerson, which is always fun.

The big boys were in this field most of the spring and they’ve rubbed most of the purple off by now, but there are enough stalks left for Drake to practice on.

“Why am I stuck watching the babies? I poked my eye, I might be dying, I shouldn’t have to babysit!”

Holly got left to watch the lambs and didn’t seem too happy about it. Too bad for her, it’s the inevitable duty of the yearlings to watch the babies when their mothers need a break. Nobody likes babysitting the ram lambs when they’re big enough to be bothersome but not old enough to have any sense.

For my flock, it’s a relatively peaceful morning. It’s a pity I can’t sit out with them and read without curious sheep trying to eat my book or stick their noses in my tea. I bet that would be nice.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Morning

  1. The sheep have heard that humans devour books they like, so they figure they’ll try it to.

    At least Angel is cute when she climbs on you and begs!

  2. You’ll have to get a cage for YOU! Wouldn’t that set them off? so who determines who gets to babysit? Draw straws LOL

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Say, what about a sheepie sleepover in the house, or a humanie sleepover in the barn? great idea, huh?

    Yes, Nina has dual citizenship. When she aches for excitement, she travels to Soayland Joyland. When she’s worn out from all the fun, it’s recovery time in sleepy Shetland. I gave her the passport. Figured she might need it.

    Very best,

    Natalie and Christopher

    • Will hangs out with the Shetlands sometimes, when he’s throwing a highly indignant fit over something somebody did that offended him. Not quite dual citizenship, but at least a diplomatic visa. 🙂

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