Keeping Busy

Griffin is growing very quickly, but he still likes his naps. Preferably on a flat rock or in his tree-cave, but he will lay in the grass if there’s no rock close and he’s just Too Tired.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES“Where’s a cozy rock when you need one? Oh well, I guess sleeping in the grass isn’t too bad.”

He has to take his naps where he can, because sooner or later either Drake or Angel will wake him up and want to play-fight.


“Hey, not so hard!”

“You interrupted my NAP!”

Angel’s getting much better about playing with the other lambs, and braver about play-fighting.

The play fight only lasted for a minute, then it was time to run off and graze a little bit. The lambs are still prone to biting off more than they can chew. Literally.


“This grass won’t fit in my mouth!”

Then the three lambs had to run off and re-investigate the rocks by the retaining wall. Sadly, none of those rocks are big enough or flat enough for napping Griffins.


“Maybe there’s buried treasure!”

And then they ran off for a round or two of the Floor Is Lava. It’s harder with three lambs instead of just two, especially with how fast all three of them are growing.


“Careful not to fall in!”

All this playing burns a lot of energy, so we had to take a break for Angel’s bottle, which Mira only halfheartedly tried to steal. She definitely recognizes that it’s her old bottle, but she doesn’t really want it any more. It’s just the principle of the thing.


“Best part of the day!”

Getting back into the house to rinse the bottle out was a challenge, because Mira had stationed herself firmly by the porch gate to prevent me sneaking away without her.

That porch gate has been off its hinges for years, but we propped it back up because Mira was making a habit of crying outside my bedroom window making a racket and also making a mess of the porch. I don’t know how she knows which window goes to my bedroom, but she does.


“You’re not getting past me, Mommy!”

Angel quickly joined her in barricading the steps. Angel has recently discovered the sneakiness of her human caretakers who keep sneaking off and leaving her with the sheep. She’s becoming a highly suspicious and paranoid little lambie.


“If you keep forgetting to take me with you, I’m going to start thinking you’re doing it on purpose!”

Mira may not have raised Angel, but the two of them are definitely related. Every time I start wondering how long it will take for Angel to get used to being outside on her own, Mira starts crying at the window or knocking on the door again, and I reluctantly conclude the answer is probably ‘never.’

Fortunately she also inherited her mother’s good looks. You can’t stay annoyed with such a cute little face, even when they keep yelling at the top of their lungs and/or banging on the doors wanting in.


6 thoughts on “Keeping Busy

  1. Griffins horns are really growing! Ah, MY bottle being given to the interloper…NOT right! The 3 lambs are wicked cute. Good thing huh?

  2. So Mira knows which room is yours. Wow. If there were ever questions about how deep imprinting can get, you’ve some super solid evidence.

    Funny that Mira didn’t run Angel off the porch steps, Was this a case in which they were halfway in cahoots?

    Very best,

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