Drake is very convinced that he is a big boy. He can’t understand why he can’t reach the leaves by climbing into the tree. Neo can do it, so there’s no reason at all that Drake shouldn’t be able to.



After giving that up, he and Griffin ran over to chew on my shoes. Angel has convinced them that it’s a Splendid Game.


“Chomping shoes is a Splendid Game!”

Mira doesn’t like them chewing on my shoes any more than she likes Angel doing it. She came charging in and ran the boys off, but Angel is harder to discourage.


“Why won’t you go away and leave us alone?”

The sentiment would be equally accurate coming from either one of them.


“Chomp, chomp!”

She would not stop biting and butting my feet until I got so aggravated I took my shoe off and tossed it away from me. Angel chased after it and continued trying to pound it into the ground.


“Die, die!”

I do not understand that girl.

Mira is becoming very depressed. I’m a bit worried about her. Rivalry is one thing, but she seems like she’s worrying herself sick.


“Mommy, don’t you love me anymore? I’m still your favorite, right?”

Poor baby. I’ve been too busy to spend much time outside, but I have been doting on her as much as I can trying to make her feel better.

Angel finally got bored with “killing” my shoe and decided to snatch my cell phone instead. I thought it was only human kids that tried to steal adults’ cell phones, but Mira has always had a habit of stealing my phone, too. She disapproves in general of anything I pay attention to instead of her. I think she would be happy if Angel and my phone ran off together.


“I want this!”

I tried to pet her head, to see how close her horns are to coming through, but she threw a fit and flounced off to passive-aggressively eat leaves in my direction. Definitely related to Mira. It’s not easy to fill the act of eating with such clear overtones of offended indigation.


“You can’t just reach out and touch my head like that! Don’t you have any respect for my personal space? Any sense of boundaries? That’s the most terrible thing I’ve ever heard of!”

A bit rich, coming from a lamb whose favorite pastime is launching unprovoked attacks on my footwear while my feet are still in them, or stealing cell phones right off my lap or out of my back pocket. But then nobody ever accused a sheep of having consistent standards of behavior I suppose.

I hadn’t heard anything from the boys in a while at that point, so I got up to see what they were doing. I was worried they were up to mischief, but they’d just settled down for a nap. Griffin still likes to curl up on or next to rocks. Today he’d picked one right next to the retaining wall, which doesn’t surprise me a bit. Sheep have no fear of heights that I’ve ever been able to detect.


“This is a comfy rock!”

He’s going to be very upset I think when he gets too big to fit on those rocks. I might have to buy a large flat boulder for him to sleep on when he grows up.

Angel is getting too big and too energetic for the house, so we’ve been trying to leave her outside with the other sheep some lately. Sometimes she’s ok for a while, sometimes she throws a fit.

The main difficulty with leaving her out is that she’s very inconveniently hard to contain. We tried leaving her in the field the other day, but she got through the fence into the yard somehow and came running to the back door. Today I left her out in the back yard with the flock, and next thing I know I hear her all the way on the other side of the house yelling at the front door for me to let her in. I’m not sure how we’re going to get her to stay out with the other sheep if she keeps escaping at will from every pen we try to put her in.

Given that Duchess jumped the yard fence at three months old, and Mira came bursting in through the dog door when I was trying to leave her outside, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that Angel’s an escape artist.


8 thoughts on “Antics

  1. Like mother like daughter! Griffins horns are in evidence. Glad they don’t have ‘fangs’ for teeth 🙂

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Rock nappers, phone nabbers, foot biters, depressed non-mamalike mamas, and passive-aggressive daughters. Golly, the flock’s psycho-social characteristics are becoming more complex than ever.

    Angel is Mira’s daughter in some ways, but yet…there’s something different about her. The BB effect?

    Sweet Mira. Perhaps you can spend some time in the Lane with her, and tell her all about the lab and what you’re doing. If the lambs can be kept at bay (an unlikelihood?) perhaps she’d feel better?

    Very best,

    • All of the sheep have personality traits from their parents, but they are all their own individual selves, too. Just like people. 🙂

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