Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day weekend I have been the subject of a very heated territorial dispute. It all started out peacefully enough, with Angel honing her baby combat skills on my foot, which is her favorite Splendid Game.

Then suddenly here comes Mira like a freight train. I don’t know if she thought Angel was hurting me or if she was just jealous of the attention, (probably the latter) but whatever it was she was livid.


“No butting my mommy’s shoes!”


Angel actually stood up for herself and hit Mira back for once, which took quite a lot of bravery on her part.


“Don’t tell ME what to do, you big bully!!”

“I’m not a bully! YOU’RE the one trying to steal my mommy!”

I was very proud of Angel. Of course, she got knocked head over heels in two seconds flat, but still. It was very brave of her to try.


“I’M your baby! If anyone’s going to chew on you, it should be ME!”

Unfortunately for Mira, Angel is her daughter, and thus not easily discouraged once she has her mind set on something.


“I’m going to pull this zipper off, and you can’t stop me!”

“Nooo, go away!”

Poor Mira decided the only recourse left to her was to flop heavily onto my lap and act so upset and abandoned that I would pay attention to her instead of Angel.


“MY mommy! MY lap!”

Does it count as lap sitting if only the front end fits and the back end is still up in the air? Mira thought it counted, anyway. And all dramatics aside, she was genuinely very sad and distressed so I didn’t have the heart to make her get up.

Angel didn’t care either way if Mira was in my lap, since she’s not as cuddly as Mira and isn’t really much of a lap-sitter. She’s pretty much only interested in chewing on and/or attacking my feet for some reason I probably don’t want to know.


“Grrr, take that, foot!”

She and Apple would probably be great friends.

Duchess and Nova deserve all the recognition for their mothering skills, but at the time I was taking pictures Drake and Griffin had teamed up and run away on a Grand Adventure and were far too busy with their very important quest to stop and pose with their poor tired mamas.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the human moms, and sheep moms, and human moms of sheep babies out there today!


8 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Good practice ‘killing’ you boot in prep for her unacknowledged Moma! Still no recognition on Mira’s part that she birthed this baby……. Well, 2 out of 3 good moma’s ain’t bad!! Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to you also.

    • I think she’s probably practicing more for Drake, the goofy lamb won’t stop following her around trying to get her to fight with him, lol.

  2. Mira doesn’t deserve Mothers Day wishes, unless you count Joan Crawford/Mommy Dearest behavior. But you do!

    • Mira had such a hard time, poor girl, I can’t really be upset with her. Obviously I’d rather she had raised her own baby, but it’s not her fault she didn’t know what to do.

  3. Oh, no! I still feel sorry for Mira. She’s still a baby. Maybe she was too young to have a lamb. Hopefully, the next time won’t be so scary for her. I think you have found the answer! Mira in your lap and Angel at your feet.

    • I feel sorry for Mira too, she is still a baby. Physically she’s the age ewes are supposed to be for a first lambing, but I think her mental/emotional maturity isn’t on the same level as her physical maturity. I bred her because I thought she’d grow up over her second winter, but even before she lambed I was starting to worry she wasn’t going to be mentally prepared to be a mom.

  4. Dear Sara,
    Soon Mira will have your lap to herself again. Looks like Angel would rather be moving than lounging, so we’ll hope it all settles to satisfaction before long.

    Pretty soon Drake will meet his match. Angel is growing fast, is unusually self-possessed, and is almost ready to…rule the 2017 class!

    Meanwhile, what ho with Griffin-o? Where’s our favorite grumpy napper?

    Very best,


    • Poor Mira is very upset worrying that she’s been replaced. It’s very sad.
      Griffin is tootling around being himself, going on Grand Adventures with Drake in between naps.

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