Irresistible Invitation

Drake wants to play with Angel. He invites people to play with him by pushing them with his head. He doesn’t know why Angel isn’t enthusiastic about that. He’ll just have to keep trying.

“Play with me!”

“Stop butting me!”

Angel keeps running back to me in the persistent hope that if she ignores him and chews on me with enough determination Drake will give up. 

Griffin mostly just toddles up behind Drake and watches the fun.

“Everybody chews on ShepherdPerson a lot, do you think she tastes good?”

“I don’t know, maybe?”

I got a short video of one lap of Drake’s campaign for Angel’s attention. His playful little head-pushes are so cute. You can see his confusion when she doesn’t respond to his friendly gestures.


Sooner or later Angel’s going to get irritated enough or brave enough to butt him back. If Griffin is smart he’ll stay out of that fight.

“I like chasing better than head-butting, I don’t have any horns yet!”

Lambs are the best things, they’re so cute and sweet, even the ones like Griffin with his funny face.


13 thoughts on “Irresistible Invitation

  1. Dear Sarah,
    Well, just look at all three of them gathered round you. Angel I expected tto climb up, but Drake? And Griffin so close? These two are rather brave. We may have another Apple Stop That in Drake, although he might be more a You Didn’t Did You Drake. Am fully expecting “fait accompli” to be part of his toolkit 🙂

    Griffin is sweet-looking. Is he still Mr. Napper?

    Very best on a rainydroppy evening,


  2. Love the video with birds chirping in the background. Those lambs are so darn cute. I would just want to cuddle and love them all day long. LOL. And little shy Griffin will come into his own one day.

    • Griffin’s head shape looks like how a preemie lamb’s head looks. Actually a lot of things about Griffin are typical of premature lambs but Duchess was full term when he was born so it’s a bit odd. He’s growing quickly though, so I think he’s going to be fine. 🙂

      • I thought maybe the difference was because one has horns and one is polled; that makes a difference in how Shetland heads are shaped.

      • Soays too, polled sheep have a different head shape, but Griffin is actually horned. His little buds just hadn’t come through yet when those pictures were taken. They’re starting to show now. 🙂 Angel’s horns should be coming through the skin soon, the buds are getting pretty big.

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