The Floor is Lava

I had to leave Angel outside for a few seconds again to grab my camera today, which initally made her very upset, but when I came back out she’d gotten distracted from her abandonment and was playing the Floor is Lava on some old fence planks with Duchess’s boy. (Who is now almost definitely Griffin. Or Gryphon. Both are considered correct transliterations, but my spellcheck doesn’t like Gryphon so I’ll probably stick with Griffin. Maybe. Gryphon looks cooler, though. Hmm.)


“We have to stay on the planks because the patio is lava!”

Duchess was somewhat worried that she was going to have to babysit Angel indefinitely, but once Angel saw me coming she quickly abandoned her game in favor of attacking my feet.


“There you are! Quit sneaking off on me!”

Little Griffin (Gryphon?) sidled over where he could very stealthily watch me while maintaining a completely believable cover of pretending to eat grass. Even though he can’t really chew grass yet, and his watching actually wasn’t all that subtle.


“I am a very sneaky spy-sheep!”

Gryphon (Griffin?) is ridiculously photogenic, angry eyebrow markings and all. I have so many adorable pictures of him. All three of the lambs are adorable in person, but he photographs better than the other two.

Angel is a gorgeous lamb, but she’s so dark she tends to turn into a silhouette unless the lighting is just right, plus she sticks so close to my legs it’s hard to get pictures that aren’t just close-ups of her nose.

Drake is light enough, he just doesn’t often hold still long enough to get a good close-up picture of him.  He came running down to see what I was doing (without any attempt at stealth), then he decided he wanted to play on the planks too, and Griffin/Gryphon abandoned his sneaky ShepherdPerson-watching to join him.


“Oh no, the patio is lava again!”


“Be careful, don’t fall in the lava!”

“I won’t!”

That was a Splendid Game until their mothers decided to move up the hill. Then they moved on to playing the more traditional King of the Hill on the rocks in the landscaping. (At least the few remaining rocks that Mira hasn’t scattered everywhere.)


“Standing on this rock makes me look super tall and intimidating!”

His idea of tall and intimidating is about the same as his idea of sneaky– he throws his whole heart into the role, and it’s extremely cute and funny, but not terribly effective. Someday he probably will be pretty tall, since his mama, Duchess, is a tall ewe, but for right now he’s so tiny he can’t help but be cute no matter what he’s doing.

He’s also small enough to need very frequent naps (and he sleeps like a log, it’s very hard to wake him up for anything) so once he’d nodded off, Drake ran around to the porch steps to try to coax Angel into playing with him. Angel is still shy of him, since his idea of a friendly greeting is to bonk heads, and Angel is too used to butting her human caretakers. She’s never butted heads with anything that can butt her back.

Still, she did consent to sniff at him a little bit while standing safely on a higher stair.


“Why do you have to always head-butt everybody so much?”

“How else would I say hello?”

Nova’s babies are always such cocky little guys. Angel’s still slightly bigger than he is, I’m hoping she’ll be brave enough to knock him down a peg or two before he gets bigger than she is. Nova had Neo so well trained when they were babies that I’m pretty sure he has no idea she’s now tiny compared to him, so I know it works.


4 thoughts on “The Floor is Lava

  1. They have such cute fuzzy butts!!! Gryphon is such a great/cool name. How funny, playing on the boards…just like children,,,which they are!! Nice to see Angel coming out of her shell/house. I assume she cannot be in with the herd because you are her Mum!

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