Keeping Distance

Duchess has had enough of energetic lambs and has decided to keep her baby holed up (haha) in the tree today. Nova’s boy was a terrible influence and Duchess does not approve at all.


“As long as he’s inside the tree, he can’t run away from me! It’s genius!”

Fortunately for her, the little guy still thinks the tree is the coziest napping place ever, so he hasn’t protested too much yet.

Angel and Mira have mostly settled on a non-aggression treaty where Angel pointedly gives Mira a wide berth and Mira glares at Angel balefully but doesn’t knock her down.


“I like playing outside when Mira’s not knocking me down!”

She’s made some tentative attempts to play with Drake, but they’re both still being a little bit shy. So far they seem to be sticking to competitive high-jumping with a nice, safe distance between them.


“I bet I can hop higher than you!”

That lasted until I made the unforgivable mistake of thinking I could sneak back into the house while she was distracted and get my cell phone without her noticing I was gone. I was informed at deafeningly high volume of all the reasons why that was a Not Acceptable thing for a lamb’s mommy to do. I needed the cell phone so I’d know when it was time for her next bottle, but I’m told that’s no excuse for leaving the baby alone for twenty seconds.

She decided she’d better stick close to me and get her revenge by chewing my feet.


“Grrr, take that, SneakyMommyFeet, sneaking off without me!”

And head-butting them, because apparently that’s a Splendid Game now.


“Bad feet! Bad!”

Once she’d worn herself out doing valiant battle with my feet, she sat in my lap for a while.


“Now she can’t sneak away on me!”

That lasted a grand total of maybe two minutes before Mira decided that Angel sitting in my lap was stretching the non-aggression treaty entirely too far and booted her off so she could sit in my lap instead. Having Mira’s whole weight plop down on your lap where a few seconds ago you had a baby lamb makes quite an impact.

We came back inside not long after that. Angel had her bottle and settled down for a nap, which means I get to relax for a bit, too.


4 thoughts on “Keeping Distance

  1. That Dutchess!! talk about a helicopter mom! You need steel tipped boots, that should slow down the chewing!
    She has gorgeous eyelashes.

  2. Oh, gosh, all of your lambs are so cute and you do spin a good tale for them all. Very enjoyable. Thank you!

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