Off to the Races

I have finally captured photographic proof that Duchess’s boy actually does run and play sometimes.


“I think it’s time to play!”

“I think it’s time for you to lay back down so I can relax.”

It’s a switch to see the baby trying to get Duchess to wake up from a nap instead of the other way round. Duchess is catching his sleepiness. He must have won the argument though, because by the time I got back to the porch he and Drake were running around leading their worried mamas a merry chase.



“Stop! Come back!”

My camera’s high speed setting is broken, so all the running pictures came out blurry. I think they’re clear enough to serve as evidence of the little boy’s antics, though.


“Now let’s go this way!”



“Now the other way again!”

“Come back here this minute!”

The poor mamas. Their naughty little boys don’t listen to them.


“Now this way again!”

“This is your fault, ShepherdPerson! Somehow, this is your fault!”

Actually, Duchess’s baby is not my fault, given that he was conceived without my approval. I think Duchess is also catching her baby’s grumpiness.

I’m getting very tired of calling Duchess’s baby “Duchess’s baby.” He needs to hurry up and tell me his name. At the moment I’m considering Nod, Griffin, or Cricket, but I’m still not sure what suits him.


9 thoughts on “Off to the Races

  1. At least they have someone their own age/size to play with!! How old will they be before the “settle down”? Such beautiful coats.

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