Drake refuses to be cooped up in the hole in the tree any longer. He has graduated to climbing trees.


“I think I can almost reach the leaves!”

I think he’s going to have to grow just a wee bit more.

His newfound independence is well timed, since now it’s Duchess’s turn to hide her lamb in the tree stump.


“This is the coziest napping place ever!”

It backfired a little bit on poor Duchess, because now once the little guy’s in there he doesn’t want to come out.


“Come on, I’m hungry, so it’s time for you to get up so I can graze!”

“But I’m still sleeepy! Five more minutes!”


“Now what do I do?”

“Let me sleep!”

After much yelling on Duchess’s part and some gentle coaxing on my part, the little guy got all his brain cells awake and firing, and consented to follow Duchess out to the yard.

Duchess thought she’d be able to eat then, but first she had to let the baby eat.


“All that napping made me hungry, Mama!”

“Gee, I wonder what that feels like?”

And then she had to sort out a head-pushing battle between her little one and Drake.


“I’m the toughest!”

“Nuh-uh, I am!”

And once she finally did get peace to eat, Nova had sneaked away and left her to watch both lambs for a while. Apparently the ultra-paranoid phase has passed for Nova, now we’re down to just moderately high paranoia.


“This is my new best friend, Mama!”


I don’t think motherhood is as much fun as Duchess was expecting.


6 thoughts on “Motherhood

  1. Do you think the Dapper Napper will remain somnolent and maybe even laid-back. He certainly isn’t as boppy as his cousins. On the other hand, he’s adorable. Maybe Grumpy Barney will take him under a wing — hoof — and teach him about leads and how it’s okay to be caught, and how shepherds are nice, until they show up with scissors.

    Nina is the most curious Shetland I have seen since Toffee, her daddy, and Elizabeth, her aunt. Both are people -oriented and noses into all and sundry. Mira probably helped her refine those curious skills, do you think?

    Listening to raindrops and wondering if the darling Dukelings are looking smaller and wetter than normal,


    • He’s actually very bouncy when he’s properly awake, I just haven’t managed to catch him at it when I have my camera on me. When he goes to sleep though, he’s completely out of it and hard to wake up.
      Nina definitely thinks she’s a Soay, and I know Mira played cool big sister to both Nina and Holly so it probably is Mira’s fault, haha.
      The poor Dukelings are very bedraggled and wet. It was pitiful. They had to have extra crunchies to make up for the bad weather.

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