Play Date

I locked Duchess and her baby (who is being really stubborn about the naming thing, I can’t figure out what his name is) out of the barn yesterday after the fourth time I had to walk out and “rescue” the lamb to get Duchess to stop screaming. He kept falling asleep behind a bucket and Duchess would go crazy trying to find him. I don’t know why she couldn’t figure out where he was, he was always behind the same bucket, even when I moved the bucket. I also don’t know why he wouldn’t wake up and respond when she was yelling for him, but he does seem to be a very sound sleeper.

He was a bit upset about not having access to his napping bucket anymore, but he found a nice cozy rock to snuggle up with instead. The little guy loves his naps. Maybe I should call him Rip Van Winkle.


“Ahh, what a nice rock!”

His face still looks grumpy because he has slightly darker markings over his eyes that look like angry eyebrows, but now that he’s awake slightly more, his personality doesn’t seem as grumpy.


“Why would I be grumpy when I have this cozy pillow-rock?”

I think I would be more grumpy if I had to use a rock as a pillow, but whatever floats his tiny little boat is ok with me as long as Duchess can keep track of him.

This morning he and Duchess both seemed a little stir-crazy, so I let them out with the other sheep. Drake was highly curious about his new cousin.


“Hi, I’m Drake! What’s your name?”

“I don’t have one yet.”

Duchess looks like she has a bad feeling about this budding friendship.


“I want this tiny stick!”

“Noo, it’s mine!”

Some mostly-friendly head-pushing over a stick had Nova’s head snapping up in alarm as her overprotective instincts kicked in. Cue squabbling mamas and a temporary lamb mix-up.


“Waitaminute, something isn’t right here!”

I don’t know how you could mix up a big red lamb and a tiny gray lamb, but they did. Cue another round of squabbling mamas and mildly upset lambs. Finally, they got it all worked out and headed off to join the other sheep.


“Ok, this one’s mine and that one’s yours. Nina, you don’t have one, quit trying to take everybody’s lambs!”

Nina’s really, really impatient to start playing with the new babies. Right now Duchess’s boy is still figuring out how to hop, and Drake (in between challenging people ten times his size to duels) is mostly climbing on everything he can find, usually his longsuffering mama.


“Hey, now that I think about it, you wouldn’t be interested in trading back, would you?”

Little Drake is his mother made over. I have (old, low res) video evidence of baby Nova to prove this point.

I’m hoping Angel expresses some interest in playing with the other lambs soon, she’s getting too rambunctious for the house and I always run out of energy for playing long before she does.


9 thoughts on “Play Date

  1. Grumpy van Winkle? Well, no, he doesn’t seem to be so grumpy any more. Maybe he was just tired, and now he’s all caught up on his sleep. Give him another day for his non-sleepy, non-grumpy personality to appear.

    I’m glad Nova has permitted Drake to escape from the hole in the tree.

    The problem I envision with Angel being put in the field with the Boyz is that she will have no sheepy mum to protect her from overprotective Nova and rather daft Duchess. Not to mention probably still confused Mira. Well, you are her human mum, so I guess you get to risk the head-butts. Good luck.

  2. Dear Sara,
    Nova was one determined little lab when it came to playing. Who is the rather creamy mama on the right? Either the light is changing her color or I am mixed up. Or both.


    • That’s Lady with baby Neo. 🙂 I think she was a bit more blonde when she was younger, but it could also be the video quality, or lack thereof.

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