May Queen


“What is this thing you’ve put around my neck?”

Obligatory baby-wearing-mom’s-baby-clothes pictures. Although I think it should be noted that Mira was almost two months older than Angel when she was the May Queen but she wasn’t all that much bigger. Sometimes I forget just how tiny Mira was.


“These flowers don’t even taste good!”

Angel has started nibbling on grass, which is a very good development. She especially likes flowers, although they’re so big compared to her mouth they’re difficult for her to chew.


“I’m the prettiest girl!”

She’s a very pretty lamb, though her dark coloring makes her hard to photograph without her looking like a flat silhouette. I’ve noticed in the last few days that she has tiny little lumps under the skin on her head, so I think she might end up with horns!

Out in the barn, Duchess’s little one continues to be the grumpiest-looking lamb I have ever seen. I think it’s just his resting face, but if he’s actually as grumpy as he looks, he and Barney will end up being partners in grumpiness.

“You interrupted my nap again!”

His face is hysterically funny to me. Such a scrunched-up, angry little face.

“Sunshine is overrated, close those doors back!”

Duchess is, if possible, more neurotic than Nova, but unfortunately she seems to be more worried about herself than her lamb. I think I’m going to give them extra time in the jug, it’d be just like her to take off for the hills and leave Grumpy McGrumpyFace (not his permanent name, I haven’t thought up a real name yet) behind.

…Normally it’s easy for me to read what the sheep are thinking and translate that into photo captions, but I’m pretty sure all that’s going through Duchess’s head here is terrified static. She won’t let the baby nurse when I’m out there, but he’s obviously not hungry so I’m assuming she’s just too freaked out to let him nurse with me around.

I’m leaving them alone as much as possible for now, hoping she’ll eventually calm down.


8 thoughts on “May Queen

  1. Scheech……..where does all this neurosis come from LOL He does indeed have quite the face. Have Angel and
    Drake met, or se each other? May Queen is right, sweet, sweet girl!

  2. At least Duchess is letting Grumpy McG nurse (otherwise he’d be in obvious peril), unlike how she dealt with Mira.

    The first meeting of Grumpy McG with Drake, the tree-dwelling Soay, should be very interesting. Preferably with no Nova or Duchess around – there could be sparks flying there. Could? Nah – *probably sparks*. Hoo- boy.

    I think the possibility that Angel might have horns is a good sign. It’s unlike her mom and grandma – so maybe she won’t inherit their daft sub-optimal mommy behaviors.

    Good luck.

    • Duchess actually wanted Mira, it was Mira that decided she didn’t want Duchess. Duchess didn’t have any milk for her, and I did, so she decided I was mom. Duchess was pretty torn up about it for ages, poor girl.

  3. Mr. Grumpy seems to be drinking vinegar for his meals…

    Meanwhile, Angel is one of Heaven’s finer displays of the glory of springtime.

    Tell Drake to please not to pick on Holly or she won’t tell him her secrets to wonderful games.

    Very best,


    • Drake has no sense at all. He was trying to pick a fight with Liam this morning, who is about twenty times his size. Fortunately Liam didn’t pay much attention to the little bantam running around trying to provoke him, haha.

  4. That flower wreath on the lamb is an absolutely precious photo and a great way to celebrate May Day. Thanks for sharing.

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