That’s a Wrap

Duchess had her baby last night, a teensy tiny ram. I didn’t see him nurse, but he wasn’t crying and she wasn’t butting him, so I assume she’s feeding him.

Angel came into the world screaming for somebody to feed her, Drake came into the world ready to set out on a path to conquest (he picked a fight with Holly yesterday. Oh boy.), but this baby just looks like a grumpy little kid with bedhead who really needs a nap.


“Who opened the barn doors and let all this terrible light in when I’m trying to sleep?”


“Seriously, I need my beauty sleep!”

I didn’t stay out with them very long, Duchess was pretty freaked out by me being there and I didn’t want to stress her out.


“You took my last baby, don’t you take this one!”

“Mamaaaa, I wanna nap…”

She has milk this time (I assume) and it’s seventy something degrees outside, so I don’t need to take this one, thank goodness.


“Are you ok, Baby?”

“I’m sleeeepy, mama…”

I left them to their napping and headed out of the barn, to discover that Lady had squeezed out the gate into the farm lane, I assume because she’s mad she didn’t have a baby this year and is trying to punish me by making my life difficult. I think (about 50% sure) she did cycle last week, so at least she’s probably not having a September lamb after all.


“Hey, wait for us!”

Holly quickly figured out how to squeeze between the two gates, but fortunately Mira didn’t. So my pre-breakfast morning routine finished up with chasing Lady and Holly back into the field without letting anyone else escape.

Hopefully Duchess’s boy stays sleepy and doesn’t turn into a troublemaker like the rest of his flockmates.


6 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap

  1. Sorry, but the little fellow comes from a family of trouble makers. Placid and easy-going your Soays aren’t. But amusing, yes. 😉

  2. He is the sweetest of them All!! You’re Sure the new one is eating? Call me the other worrying auntie LOL
    I cannot believe Nova let Duke out of her sight long enough to pick a fight……..funny but maybe not.

    • I was a bit worried yesterday, but he would be in bad shape by now if he wasn’t eating, and he seems fine, if still very grumpy.

      Nova didn’t *let* Drake pick a fight, Drake just did it with Nova chasing after him yelling all the way for him to stop that and come back.

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