You Try To Do Something Nice…

Duchess started acting like she might be in labor earlier, so I shooed everyone else into the yard and closed the gate so she could have the small pen to herself. I hardly made it back to the house before I heard Nova and Mira yelling at the top of their very impressive lungs and had to run back out to see what on earth the problem was.


“My baby! Oh no!”

I did not shut Drake in there by mistake. I triple-checked he was with Nova before I shut the gate. He must have wiggled through or under the fence. He’s less than a week old, he shouldn’t be pulling this kind of escape artistry yet!

I ended up having to just open the gate again. Duchess seemed happier with everyone gone, but all the screaming was making her upset. It was making me upset, too; Nova and Mira are loud.

Nova lost no time shuffling her baby back to the hidey-hole in the tree stump.


“Hurry, get back in there before something else happens!”

And apparently all the yelling on Mira’s part was because with the gate shut she couldn’t get to the chunk of wood that is currently her favorite toy, because Mira’s priorities are amazing like that. Mira is my favorite sheep (shhh!), but I must admit she’s sometimes a bit confusing. Not that that makes her at all unusual around here.


“Kill the stick!”

She’s starting to look ragged, I need to roo her. All the Soays are starting to shed off for the year.


“I think it’s time for a nap now.”

Nova at least got to (somewhat) relax, with Drake safely tucked away and snoozing in his tree-cave.



Drake’s a fearless little guy, but getting separated from his mama even for a few minutes is very stressful at his age, so he was ready for a nap.

And after all that fuss, Duchess decided she wasn’t quite ready to lamb after all, so the whole mess was for nothing. Sigh. Mira comes by her tendency towards confusing behavior honestly.


“It would have been too simple to lamb now! I have to be super-sneaky and wait until the most inconvenient moment!”

Normally I don’t pay much attention to ewes insisting they’re about to lamb, but Duchess historically has never given me much warning before she lambs, so if she’s acting like she’s ready I tend to believe her. She’s still drifting around looking more distracted than usual, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she lambs in the next 24 hours or so.


4 thoughts on “You Try To Do Something Nice…

  1. In that first photo of Nova, she is definitely giving you the evil eye. No, it’s *The* Evil Eye. Whoa! Did any part of you melt? Or freeze? Or perhaps you have an unexplained ache or pain? Ow!

    As for Duchess – is there any bad weather forecast for your area? If so, that’s when Duchess will decide to have her baby.

    • That expression on Nova’s face is perfectly 100% Princess’s expression when she was exceptionally displeased with one of her underlings, usually me. I think it’s the most scathing expression I’ve ever had aimed at me.

      Duchess lambed last night, we had a thunderstorm last night, coincidence I think not.

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