Nova’s little boy is named Drake. For the type of dragon, not for a male duck. Someday I’m going to look up how those two creatures ended up with the same name, but I haven’t gotten curious enough yet to bother.

I basically shoved Nova out of the barn yesterday, since she showed every indication that she planned to hide in there with her baby forever. I told her her baby needed fresh air and sunshine, and to meet other the other sheep.

She got the better of me, though. Poor Drake is spending an inordinate amount of time stuffed into a hollow tree stump, and it doesn’t look like Nova plans to let him out for any length of time anytime soon.

Herbivores are generally classified as “hiders” or “followers”, based on if they hide their babies like deer or keep them close all the time like horses. Sheep are supposed to be followers, but Nova didn’t read the manual and seems to be a pretty dedicated hider.


“I’m coming out now! Look out, world!”

Drake wasn’t a bit scared of the other sheep; I’m pretty sure he’s ready to take on the world.


“Oh no you’re not! Get back in that tree before a lamb-snatcher sees you!”

Nova hasn’t lost a baby yet, I have no idea why she’s so paranoid.


“Never mind, world. Mama says I’m not coming out now.”

Smart boy isn’t arguing with his mother. Much. Yet. Taking on the world is one thing, taking on Nova is something else.


“Lamb? What lamb? There no lamb here, nothing to see at all!”

Hopefully she’ll let him out before he grows too big and gets stuck in there.


12 thoughts on “Drake

  1. Perhaps Nova thinks Duchess and Mira lost their lambs. After all, to a sheep “lose” and “abandon” might look rather similar. Well, eventually Drake (“Drake” is the short, anglicised form from Old French, and before that from Latin “draco”, which means “dragon”; the term “drake” meaning “male duck” is from Anglo-Saxon/German.) will wean, will want to hang out with the other boys, and will be a typical adolescent and disobey his momma.

    • It is very rotted, the actual tree part fell years ago, but the sheep like playing/sleeping/climbing on the stump. I’m not sure how she discovered she could stuff her lamb in that hollow part though.

  2. Thanks for the linguistics! Love those kinds of things and hey, ElaineChicago……..you are the worry wort like her Mom LOL Incredible she found that special spot. He has such a pert face, beautiful.

  3. Dear Sara,
    I rather like tbat hidey hole, if only it were big enough for a person to hang out in. Drake is going to be too big for it shortly, if he just doesn’t scramble over his mother beforehand and run off to play, singing all the way…
    Very best,

  4. What a handsome ram lamb Drake is. Funny that Nova is hiding him. LOL, but Natalie is right, he will be too big for that hole pretty soon, then Nova will have to share him with the rest of the world. Your commentary is priceless. Thanks!

  5. Maybe another “critter” has been around and that is why she is being xtra protective..? Around here, I’d suspect that trickster, Mr Coyote. I hope I am wrong, and that Nova is scared Mira’s antics towards Angel will scare little Drake ~ who is a doll, by the way!

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