Good news: Mira is no longer running for her life every time she sees Angel.

Bad news: She is now determined to keep Angel from encroaching on her territory, namely me. She keeps charging her every time it looks like Angel is heading for me. Fortunately I think Angel thinks it’s a vaguely scary game.

Other bad news: Mira is for some reason also determined to drag all of the rocks out of our landscaping. I found several rocks at least six feet from their original location.

“I don’t like where this rock is, I’m going to move it!”

“Also all these little rocks, I’ve got to move them, too!”

“Yay, rocks! Rocks are fun to play in!”

Sigh. Only two weeks old and already being corrupted.

“Excuse me, I’m trying to do a very important job here, and I’m never going to get it done if I have to keep stopping to run that little interloper away from you!”

Sigh. So much drama. No wonder Nova refuses to bring her baby out of the barn.


8 thoughts on “Rivals

    • Yes she is, lots and lots of bottles, although not as many as she would like. Fortunately she’s latched onto my mom more than me, so hopefully her rivalry with Mira over my attention won’t escalate too far. πŸ™‚

  1. Your comments are so funny. Angel looks very healthy and Mira has forgotten the pain of childbirth, like the rest of us. Next year she may be just fine. She’s quite the rock mover – too funny!!!

    • Mira is funny, but I think I’m going to try not to let her have any more babies. I think her emotional maturity level is still stuck in the lamb stage, which is fine with me, I love her just the way she is, but not so good for motherhood.

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