Monday’s Child

I opened the barn doors to let the sheep out just as Nova was starting to push the water bag out, so I got to watch her baby being born! I haven’t gotten to see one born since Nova herself was born! I was sure she’d twin, but it looks like it’s just the one.


“Hi there!”

I don’t put much stock in the birthday poem; Little John was born on Easter Sunday, and while he is bonny, and sometimes blithe, is most definitely is not good always. Little One (temporary name) is fair of face though, so I guess it can’t be wrong all the time. It was hard to get good pictures, because Nova is just as obsessive as she’s always been about her babies. Which is definitely 100% better than the alternative, so I’m not complaining a bit. She’s free to obsess over that baby to her heart’s content.


“Mooommy, quit licking my head!”

Nova always has arguments with all her babies within an hour of their birth, on account of the baby wanting to nurse and Nova wanting to keep them right in front of her where she can see them with both eyes and keep licking them looong after they’re dry. I saw Little One nurse several times though, so everything’s good on that front. They’ll work out a compromise.


“Mommy’s being so stubborn! I need more milk!”

Angel and Little One will have to exchange sob stories about their mean mommies. Angel has a sweetness about her personality that she shares with Mira and Duchess; Nova’s lamb already seems to have the same determined confidence as the rest of Princess’s line. (based, admittedly, on less than an hour’s acquaintance, but still. There was a distinctive “Ta-da! I have arrived!” sort of air to the first steps, and a glint in the eye when arguing about nursing vs licking.)

Going by the look of the head and legs, I’m about 70% sure the lamb is a ram, which is really disappointing, but I didn’t want to barge in and grab the baby out from under Nova’s nose so soon, so I haven’t actually checked the plumbing for sure. I’m holding off settling on a real name until I know.


“Just don’t keep calling me Little One! I’m big!”

Every single one of Princess’s descendants have been born with an inflated opinion of their own size, except Prince Bran the Brawny, who actually was as huge as he thought he was. This one’s smaller than Angel was I think, but may look bigger once actually completely dry and fluffy.

They’ll stay in the barn today, and we’ll see how Nova feels about venturing out a little bit tomorrow. She probably won’t be ready for the whole flock crowding around to meet the new arrival, but I can chase everyone out of the lane in front of the barn and close the gate, and the two of them can poke around there without being bothered. Hopefully this one won’t be like Ash, who toddled straight from the barn over to the fence and tried to crawl through it on his first trip outside.


6 thoughts on “Monday’s Child

  1. Congratulations on your new little Mr/Miss! (S)he certainly has an “authoritative” stance! Rather reminds me of that Holbein portrait of Henry VIII. Oh dear.

  2. Dear Sarah,
    Love Sophy’s description of Henry VIII and Little One…is he a Henry?

    The dislog and descriptions were particularly funny in the two posts about him as well as Nova. Was giggling, and could practically hear Nova scooting him to safety and him protesting, and the flock talking and nosing…

    As for Mira, oh boy. This is going to be interesting. Angel is so sweet and Mira is too…how to get Mira to understand that Angel gets attention too? I was going to say “half of you” but then there’s Neo, and Nina’s getting pretty friendly (hooray!)…

    Very best,

    • I see the resemblance to Henry VIII’s portrait, but I couldn’t bring myself to name the little guy after such a lousy monarch. 😀
      Mira is not at all good at the whole “sharing” thing. Not at all.

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