Angel We Have Heard on High

When you’d like to film your bottle lamb doing cute lambie hops, but she is very firmly convinced that she did not just have a bottle two minutes ago, in fact she thinks she may have never had a bottle ever and she’s prepared to venture forth on her own and turn the house inside out looking for it if necessary.

She’s gotten very good at stairs. I’m very impressed with her stair-climbing ability.

After I retrieved my wayward lamb from where she was very determinedly looking for her bottle on the couch, she did consent to hop around a little for me before deciding she might as well eat grass clippings if I’m determined to starve her to death. She was still pretty set on the idea of going back inside for food, though.

She has a little dribble of milk on her nose. It’s very cute.


10 thoughts on “Angel We Have Heard on High

  1. Cutie! Clearly, she sees the door as the Entranceway to All Goodness (Bottle). That baaaAAAAHHH! proves her descent from Royalty. Hmm – a reincarnation of (RIP) Princess?

  2. Dear Sarah,
    She’s as housey as her mama…look at her run inside and out; she knows it’s home. You might need stronger doors when she and Mira decide they like each other and startcto collaborate on getting indoors.

    She has grown. too! Ir it looks that way, anyhow. Sweet, loud double-sweet baby.
    Very best,

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