For Real This Time

Angel got to meet everybody for real today. I would like to say it was a carefully planned introduction, but really I took her out in the yard after her bottle and forgot the other sheep were already in the yard until I saw Lana charging to the “rescue” and then it was too late.


“Save the lambie!”

“Moooom! They’re big and scary, I think I need to be picked up now!”


“Don’t you mistreat that lambie! I’m watching you!”

Lana is a good sheep, even if she thinks I am a Highly Suspicious Character who mistreats lambies.

Liam had to come up and investigate Angel too, if only to see what Lana was so interested in. He didn’t understand what the big deal was.


“I don’t understand this fuss about the whole lamb business, I just pay attention to food. And Lana. And Neo, he’s my friend too.”

Angel gathered her courage pretty quickly and wanted back down, though she stayed pretty close to my legs just in case.


“Hey, do you want to play?”

Angel’s not quite ready for cooperative play, she’s still figuring out how to hop without falling on her face. She’s getting very good at it as long as the floor isn’t slippery. I’m sure she’ll be wanting to play pretty soon. And then Holly will no doubt fulfill her sacred duty as the cool teenager yearling to teach Angel all the wonderful Splendid Games that Mira and Will taught her and the Dukelings last year when they were young and impressionable. The circle of life continues.


“Who is that lamb again?”

Speaking of, Grandma Duchess was still very interested in her unknown grandlamb, more than Lady or Nova were. I’m pretty sure with two generations of adoptions in there she can’t possibly know Angel’s related to her, but she’s always been an enthusiastic auntie, and she did adopt Princess’s boys last year when they lost their mom, so maybe she was just interested because she likes lambs in general.

Everyone else came by, gave Angel a sniff or two, and moved on, except Mira, who hid behind the edge of the porch and glared at us.


“Don’t come near me with that scary monster!”

Poor Mira. I was hoping her lamb would be a friend for her, not traumatize her. Oh well, these things happen I suppose. I tried to take Angel over by her, but when I got too close Mira darted in, knocked Angel down, then backed far away again.


“Stay away from me, you scary thing you!”

I’m hoping if I keep taking Angel out with the flock without trying to push her towards Mira that Mira will get desensitized and stop acting like she’s a scary monster. She’d better get used to her, they’re going to be living together eventually whether Mira likes it or not.

Also, yes, Nova is licking the wall in the background. No, I don’t know why. She’s obsessed with it. I don’t ask. My best guess is that it’s because the brick is the same color as their mineral mix. Seems like she would be able to tell pretty quickly the house isn’t made of salt, but whatever. At least it’s better than eating the lava rock, which they’ve all tried to do at one point or another. Why does the mineral mix have to be the exact same color as the house and landscape rock?

Nova’s lambs are due next week, so hopefully that will be less drama-filled and give Angel some kids more her own size to play with.


9 thoughts on “For Real This Time

  1. There’s never a dull moment at your Sheep Ranch!! I’m wondering how you get stuff done, what with watching the adorable (Mostly) sheep. Hopefully Angel will have a great time soon with new cousin lambies!!

  2. Well, I’m glad there are interested aunties and grandmas. This will be a test- how long will Mira remember to associate Angel with “owie!”

    • Hopefully not too long. With my luck, probably about the time she learns to associate Angel with “Rival for Mom’s attention,” which will not lower the overall level of antagonism very much.

  3. Good idea, ignore Mira and she will come around. Esp when there are other babies and Angel gets to play with them. VERY exciting.

  4. Not that I can see. My neighbors said guys were flying them around on the day of the Ice Breaker Race. Will give it to my geeky neighbor and see what he says.

    While there is tea there is hope!


  5. Dear Sara,

    Angel lambie had the boys crying “awwwwww” repeatedly. She looks like Mira’s daughter. There is a certain confidence towards the world in general, and a native curiousity that reminds me of her mother.

    Couldn’t help saying, “Go, Lana, good Lana, go be a mama to Angel.” Wish she could, because she’s so protective, but then Angel might flee people for a while, and a lamb in your lap is one of life’s finest joys.

    Have you ever noticed that Lana and Nina’s eyes are smaller than those of the other sheep? It’s interesting.

    Very best,


    • I keep calling Angel Mira, but honestly so far she’s much better behaved. 🙂
      The Shetlands in general have smaller eyes than the Soays, except Liam for some reason has big eyes.

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