Meet and Greet

Angel got to meet the other sheep through the fence! I don’t quite trust them enough to be in the same field together yet, but if they can get used to her this way they’ll be less likely to swarm her when she gets to play with them for real.

“Who are you??”

Grandma Duchess was very interested in Angel, which I thought was pretty neat.

Lana was more interested than anyone, every time Angel so much as made a peep Lana would come flying over to the fence to make sure I wasn’t horribly mistreating the poor lamb. Lana won’t come within ten feet of me normally, but she stuck her nose less than six inches from my hand to check on that baby. It was very funny, I laughed at her a lot.

“Is she really a sheep? I’ve never seen a sheep that small!”

Holly and Nina were both flabbergasted by the sudden existence of lambs younger than themselves, but Holly went back to her mama before I could get a picture of her. Judging by previous years, the yearling girls will figure out the advantages of being the cool big sisters quickly enough.

“I am being mistreated! Those people in the house only give me bottles every two hours! And sometimes they make me walk when I want to be carried and carry me when I want to walk! And sometimes if there’s only one person watching me, they’ll go to the bathroom and leave me all alone for like two whole minutes!”

“Oh no! That’s horrible! I knew that ShepherdPerson was a shady character!”

I actually half think Lana would adopt Angel if she had milk. I’m not sure why, but she certainly is worried about her.

“What are you doing?”

“I found another kind of GreenGrowyThing! I need to chew on it to see what it is! I’m going to have to learn to eat grass really fast because these people are starving me to death!”

Even Neo had to come check out the new baby. He isn’t even a ewe, but he’s always had a soft spot for babies.

“Don’t you come near me with that monster!”

Meanwhile Angel’s actual mother hides behind the tree and occasionally stomps her foot in Angel’s direction. Mira is flat out terrified of Angel to the point she runs away the minute she sees or hears her coming.

I noticed there was a little bit more blood than usual on the straw where Mira gave birth, and she’s still mincing around like her back end really hurts. Angel’s not huge, but she is a good sized lamb, so my best guess as to what happened is that Mira had a hard time delivering and thinks Angel is this tiny dark monster attacked her and made her hurt. I’ve heard of that happening with first-time sheep moms.

She still hasn’t forgiven me for trying to force her to let Angel nurse, though today she did come close enough to snatch a crunchy treat from my hand before running off. It’s hard to reassure her when half the time I have the “terrifying” lamb in tow. I feel bad about it, Mira’s never been scared of me before, but hopefully she’ll get over it eventually. I miss having her nose in my pocket while I’m trying to walk.


7 thoughts on “Meet and Greet

  1. And the story continues……….the reactions are very interesting. Poor Mira, can’t help feeling a tad sorry for her but she will come round I’m sure, if only for crunchies!! How unusual are black Soay’s?

    • Very unusual. The color didn’t exist at all in the North American population until they imported semen from two British rams sometime in the early 2000’s I think, I don’t remember the exact year. BB was descended from those rams, so Angel must have gotten the coloring from him.

  2. I, too, feel a tad bit sorry for Mira ~ she delivered by herself. Maybe she did have some problems. It would be so nice if we could understand them. Maybe one day she’ll explain things to you over crunchies. Angel is doing well ~ That is a good thing.

  3. I feel so sorry for Mira. She must have been terrified when she delivered Angel. I hope she comes around and claims Angel. How confusing it must be.

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