Day 1

Angel made it through her first night like a champ! It’s amazing how much easier this bottle lamb thing is when the lamb is healthy. She’s had her breakfast and is napping right now, but maybe we’ll go outside later.

Yesterday afternoon I took Angel outside to play in the grass for a while, and she enjoyed that a lot. She had to conduct a very serious investigation of grass, clover (which is not the same as grass, who knew?) and dandelions.

“What is this incredibly tall flower? It’s as tall as me!”

“That dandelion was tricky! It fell apart and made me sneeze and the pieces stuck to my head!”

In time she will no doubt learn that the yellow dandelions are delicious, and should all be eaten up before they turn into the tricky white dandelions. For the moment she had better stick to milk.

“Milk! Is it bottle time yet?”

Angel is fixated on bottle time. She is a bottomless pit of hunger. She’s determined to eat herself to death and thinks I’m very mean because I won’t let her. Mira used to think I was mean because I forced her to eat; Angel screams at me when I make her stop eating.

In between bottles and naps, she believes the only acceptable place for a baby lambie is on someone’s lap. My mother’s lap is the best, but somebody’s lap must always be available. All laps belong to Angel.

I foresee she and Mira will have a territory dispute about that at some point. My lap has always been Mira’s, and she doesn’t like to share.

“Well maybe she should have thought of that before she refused to feed me and left me wet and hungry for ages and ages!”

Right now Mira’s not speaking to me because I had the audacity to try to force her to feed her own baby yesterday, but I’m sure she’ll forgive me eventually. She’s grown out of her aversion to eating, and I’m her main source of crunchies. I shamelessly use this to get her to forgive me for everything.


11 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. What a Precious Little Baby Lambie Girl!! I hope the 2 can work it out or your Mom will have to take Angel as her “Baby”!

  2. What a sweet heart! And that colour!! Mira…..yup, bribery and corruption AKA Crunchies. So Glad Angel is doing well and Mira survived! Cheers

  3. Dear Sarah,
    Oh, my, goodness. Mira, what got into you? Well, you are still a baby at heart, so you figured that Shepe Person really should care for your baby goo, just as you care for her, and that’s fine, until you want your person’s lap back. 🙂

    Appears you came out with a pretty good deal, Sara, a less-fuss, super-cute, cuddly lamb who will, like Mira herself, always be your baby…or your mother’s 🙂 🙂



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