Fun Facts

Fun Fact #1: Neo is a precious cinnamon roll who deserves only good things and sometimes falls asleep standing up or with his head in my lap while I’m petting him.


“I’m a good boy!”

Fun Fact #2: Neo’s little brother, Will, is a rotten sheep who does not deserve any of the crunchies in the bag he’s trying to reach on top of the hoop house.


“Who cares about good? I want those crunchies!”

Fun Fact #3: Neo’s older half-sister Nova is generally predisposed to rottenness, but is currently hampered in her efforts by her rapidly expanding girth.


“Ugh, I don’t think I can get up there. Maybe if I stare at the bag really hard they will fear my royal ire and come down here so I can eat them!”

“I am a good boy, I get crunchies from ShepherdPerson.”


“Ah-HA! ShepherdPerson has crunchies, you say? Pay up, ShepherdPerson!”

Fun Fact #4: Pregnancy is not fun, and mugging ShepherdPerson takes so much energy it requires a nap to recover from the effort, even for a Royal Woolly.


“I am miserable. I am tired. I need this tree to hold me up.”

Fun Fact #5: Mira is due to lamb today, but doesn’t show any indication of labor so far. Previous experience says it could be a several days more.


“I’m really uncomfortable and grumpy, but I am enjoying being waited on hand and foot and getting my way all the time!”

Fun Fact #6: Mira being waited on hand and food and getting her way all the time is not noticeably different from the usual state of affairs.

Those are all the fun facts I have today.


10 thoughts on “Fun Facts

  1. Fun fact: Mira reminds me of every hoomin woman I’ve ever known (including me) pregnant during the summertime. Hot. Bloated. Infant(s) kicking inside. Wondering whatever made her think this was a Good Idea. Poor Mira. Poor ShepherdPerson, who has to deal with uncomfortable, hormone and lamb-packed ewes. Good luck. At least your ewes will birth before that (probably not pregnant) giraffe in New York.

  2. Lamb packed ewes……..what a great way to say ‘it’ ! Oh Mira……she has me on tenterhooks never mind you!!! Neo is just gorgeous.

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