Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

“Hey, don’t blame me for this! This has nothing to do with me!”

Yes, for once Will Scarlet is entirely innocent. In fact, he was giving the whole mess the widest berth his could manage. His parents, on the other hand, are so firmly on the naughty list that they’ll be getting nothing but coal for the next 250 years. Approximately.

“I know you said I needed a break from lambing, and you also said that you didn’t need any more lambs from Duke, but we decided we’re having another lamb anyway! In September! Surprise!”

This is not a good surprise. I managed to get Duke back out when he got out during the hurricane before he could breed Lana, but today I was too slow to stop him from getting to Lady. I guess without lightning, wind, and rain/hail going on all around, I didn’t have enough adrenaline in my system to think getting in his way was a good idea. Plus the head fell off my broom the other day when I was chasing Duke back out and I haven’t bothered to screw it back on yet, so my weapon of choice wasn’t available.

I’m 90% sure they cooked this up as joint revenge for Lady being the only adult Soay ewe not bred last fall, and for Duke being usurped by tiny little BB. If it was, they can count it a successful revenge scheme. They’re not even going to give me gray hairs, I’m going to pull all my hair out before it has a chance to go gray.

“I think we broke ShepherdPerson, her face is turning purple and she’s muttering about taxidermists again…”

So. Given that Lady has always settled on the first cycle in previous years, more likely than not, Neo, Will, and Holly are going to have another sibling around the first of September.


“Anybody see how Dad got through the fence? Escaping sounds like a Splendid Game!”

On the bright side, at least crossing Lady and Duke isn’t likely to produce more Dukelings (the Dukelings are descended from Duke and Princess). They’re really cute, but four is too many enough.

One thing I can say with absolute certainty is that keeping sheep is never boring.


7 thoughts on “Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

  1. WOW, Isn’t Sept a bit late for lambing? Anyone tell them that? haha Just how many can you accommodate on your land before you have put a stop to this?

    • September is late for Lambing. I told them that, but they didn’t listen, which should surprise nobody since listening is not one of their strong points.

      I have plenty of land, it just isn’t all set up to allow grazing. The pastures are pretty full at the moment, I actually wasn’t planning on breeding this year unless I could sell a few of the boys, but if I mount Duke’s head on the wall that should free up some room… *glares at Duke*

      • I am, of course, not serious about the taxidermist. It’s just a revenge fantasy I entertain every time he pulls something like this. I think I’ve threatened him with it so much by now it’s lost all impact.

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