Happy Birthday, Holly!

On a more cheerful note than today’s other post, little Holly is one year old today! I don’t mark everyone’s birthday every year, there’s just too many of them and they’re all clustered together in the same few months, so all the parties would get expensive. And fattening. They all get crunchies no matter whose birthday it is anyway, so it’s not like they’re missing out.

I do like to note the lambs’ first birthdays though, that seems like a special milestone. And Holly was a very cute little baby.


“I’m going to nibble on this hay just like a big girl! Then when that gets boring I’ll go back to climbing on it. Climbing is more fun!”

Today is too gloomy and dark with the aftermath of yesterday’s bad weather to take nice pictures, so here are some from yesterday before it got bad. I sat out with them for a while, and Holly was thoroughly investigating me while Mira was off pouting that she was hot and uncomfortable and grumpy.


“Hi, ShepherdPerson!”

“Hello, little Holly!”


“I got your nose!”

Somebody’s been talking to Apple, I think. Although Lady once made a pretty determined effort to chew my thumb off when she was Holly’s age, so there is precedent.


“Can I have crunchies? It’s my birthday tomorrow!”

Neither of us were aware at that point that her birthday was today, but she did get crunchies, so it turned out ok. I have to take the chance to slip crunchies to the relatively shy ones while Mira isn’t looking.


“I’m looking, I’m just too hot and miserable to do anything about it. Maybe later, when my tummy stops churning.”

I think she’s feeling the lamb kick, and it’s freaking her out a little. I feel sorry for her, but it is nice to get a chance to dote on the others a little without them getting butted and me being trampled by a lap full of jealous Miss Miracle.

The way she was acting all day yesterday, I was almost expecting today to be her lamb’s birthday, too, but there wasn’t a baby in there with her today. Good thing, too. If the offspring of two sheep like Mira and BB was born in a storm like last night’s, I would have had to take it as an omen.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Holly!

  1. Yay!! I’ll have to talk to you about how you did this before ordering from Nistock.


    Sent from Surface

  2. Happy Birthday, Holly! I’m glad your special day was “yours alone”, and you didn’t have to share it with Mira’s lamb.

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