April Showers

We had a massive storm and a tornado warning yesterday evening. I saw it starting to get bad and ran out to put the girls in the barn before it got worse. I got everyone else in, but Lana was in heat and Jeb is her “boyfriend” this month (much to Liam’s displeasure), so they were being stubborn about coming in. I was getting impatient because the weather was escalating really fast and I wanted to get back inside and get the dogs (and myself) to the basement.

Then Duke broke through the fence and attacked Jeb, trying to steal Lana from him. Because with rain, hail, wind strong enough to make it hard to walk, and tornado sirens going off, breeding rights were the top thing in their minds. I have lost all faith in Duke and Jeb’s having any grain of common sense. Lana at least wanted to get out of the storm, if she could get away from her dueling suitors long enough.

Apparently lack of sense is contagious, because there I was, already sick, already risking three different causes of weather-related injury, trying to beat Duke away from Lana and Jeb with a broom. Which was dumb on about six different levels, but by then my brain was just sort of shrugging and saying “Bring it on! What’s a little more danger at this point?”

My dad came out and helped me, and we did get Lana and Jeb into the barn and Duke shut outside, and since I’m almost positive Duke didn’t manage to breed her in all the confusion, and nobody got blown away to Oz or struck by lightning or concussed by hailstones, I called it good enough and we fled back to the house. I decided I could leave getting Duke out of the ewe pen and back with the boys until morning when the sky stopped falling.

Except this morning I couldn’t find him. I looked all over that ewe pen, behind every tree, under every hoop house, and couldn’t find him anywhere. I thought either he did get blown away to Oz after we left, or he broke back out with the boys, or he broke out the main gate and ran off to Timbuktu, but since he certainly wasn’t in the ewe pen anymore I might as well let the girls out before going looking for him.

Then I noticed the cinderblock in front of the door was shoved out of the way. I had a sinking feeling opening the door, and sure enough, there was a shaggy black monster hanging out in the barn aisle.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES“My girlfriends. Mine. All these girls are only mine.”

Fortunately he didn’t get into the stalls, so I think there’s no harm done except to my blood pressure. And the girls’ nerves. Duke and Jeb must have been bashing around trying to fight through the stall wall or something, because everyone else was pretty agitated. Mira yelled at me about it at length and demanded many crunchies before she was mollified.

The one bright point of the last 24 hours is that my phone reminded me that it’s Holly’s birthday today, but I’m going to make that a separate post so she isn’t a footnote at the end of a lot of complaining.


8 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. So glad you are safe, what total chaos on top of SICK! Bet you’ll be glad when the hormones go back to normal!
    Impressed with the height of those stalls, I mean I know they are part mountain goat but……….

    • The stalls are made of the panels from the dog kennels we used as sheep shelters before we had the barn. It may look like overkill, but Nova and Duchess have both gotten within a foot of top while trying to escape being caught! Plus the height keeps the latch out of reach of clever little sheepies.

    • They just had the first set of live triplets born to a Soay ewe in the US somewhere in South Dakota this year, yeah that’s a bit scary. πŸ™‚

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