I am sick today, so I have nothing better to do than sit and stare at my ewes waiting for the lambs. I have no voice at all, which means I can’t even yell at them about their Splendid Games, which I’m sure they would see as a positive development. ShepherdPeople are kind of like moms, they’re not really sick unless they can’t take care of their dependents.

I went to the doctor yesterday, which I hate doing, but they’re not sure yet what it is. They’re certainly pulling out all the stops on testing though. I had been led to believe that medicine had progressed beyond the belief that bleeding a sick person would make them better, but many many vials of blood lighter, I’m wondering if maybe nobody told that phlebotomist.

As I’m trying to ignore being sick in favor of sheep stalking watching, I’m starting to wonder a little about Duchess. She’s definitely pregnant, but I’m not seeing any udder development. I have started tentatively trying to confirm with her that she does, in fact, plan on feeding this lamb herself.

In her defense, her due date is still a few weeks off, and she does have unusually steeply sloped hindquarters and narrow hips that make it hard to see if she has an udder, so she could just be hiding it well.


“A lady’s entitled to her secrets!”

Nevertheless, considering her reproductive history, and considering who is going to be stuck feeding the lamb if she doesn’t, and given that she’s only having this lamb in the first place because somebody didn’t listen to me, I feel my concern is not unreasonable.


*Humming lullabies happily*

There’s no wondering about Nova, of course. Nova loves her babies, and has always been very good at feeding them and protecting them and generally mothering them within an inch of their lives. Nova is the sort of mother who would still be sitting around knitting countless baby booties and hats and sweaters even for her fourth child.


“Don’t I get any special attention?”

Nina, who insists she is Obviously A Soay, wonders why I’m giving extra coddling lately to all the Soay ewes except her. And Lady. And Holly. But mainly her. She’s not as neglected as she thinks she is, but I wonder if that’s why she’s taken to dancing on the retaining walls, to get my attention? Or just the normal disregard for my blood pressure expected of a sheep who is Obviously A Soay?


“Hey! Pay attention to me!”

Speaking of getting my attention… Mira wonders why I’m taking so many pictures of things that aren’t her, and comes to stick her nose into the camera lens to rectify the situation. She’s developed a habit of marching up to the back door when she wants me and yelling and knocking with her hoof until I come out, so we’ve had to put a baby gate up to keep her off the porch. She’s not impressed. But then, she’s reached the point of pregnancy where there’s not much she is impressed with.

Once she figures out I have no crunchies and my camera still isn’t edible, she wanders off in disgust.


“Grumble-grumble, I’m hungry and uncomfortable and hungry and I don’t like it one bit!”

Just in the last day or two she’s started giving off strong “Something really weird is going on inside me and I don’t know what it is, so I’m going to fidget and stare at my belly a lot and be a grouch at everyone!” vibes. Usually that means lambing isn’t too far off, although Nova did carry on like that for almost six weeks when she was carrying Little John, so… “not too far off” is relative. Mira’s due date is exactly a week away, which normally means I wouldn’t really expect her to lamb for a week and half, but since she was a preemie herself, it does make me wonder…


8 thoughts on “Wondering

  1. I hope all goes well there. This morning I confirmed that my yearling is, indeed, pregnant, so that means two more ewes to lamb, both of them first-timers. Could get interesting….

  2. So sorry to hear you are S I C K…….yeah blood letting……….and by the time you get results you’ll be better or………..
    never mind! how interesting watching Mira watching her self. Can’t wait to see what it is she is watching 🙂

    • Yeah, that’s the joys of lab work. I like *doing* the lab work better than providing the samples…

      I’m thinking she’s feeling the baby kick from the way she’s acting. It’s very funny. 🙂

  3. Feel better soon! No fun! Sure hope all your ewes aren’t due on the same day… or maybe that would be easier. I have no idea :-/ But they are gonna be so cute!

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