Waiting Game

Things have been mostly peaceful around here lately. The pregnant girls have moved from regular-hungry to Pregnant-Ewe-Hungry with capital letters. Mira is due in about a week and a half to two weeks, so it’s getting pretty close!

Jeb is in with the girls for a while after getting his annual haircut. He’s gotten a lot less skittish after a year of our only interactions being crunchy-eating-time at night. I have no idea how the boys ended up getting crunchies every night when they don’t even go in the barn to earn a bribe midnight snack, but somehow they tricked me into it. I’m guessing big, sad, pleading eyes probably had a lot to do with it.

Jeb’s being surprisingly good about going into the barn for a sheep that once plowed right through my knee to escape going up for the night. Now he’s just highly nervous, instead of absolutely terrified out of his mind. I still don’t know what his problem was, I have three other Shetlands here that came from the same farm and none of them were that scared of the barn. Oh well, at least he’s sort of getting over it.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

“I’m still very worried about everything, and my haircut was traumatic, but the barn isn’t as scary as I thought it was! We get crunchies in there!”

Somehow Jeb ended up looking more overweight after shearing instead of less. I did not know that was possible. He looks more pregnant than the actual pregnant ewes, and I can say with certainty after shearing him that his ribs are very well padded indeed. I like my animals to stay a healthy weight, but in his case I suppose it doesn’t matter that much. He’s a fiber wether, all he has to do is lay around, eat, and grow wool, so if he’s happy with his chubby belly it’s ok with me.


“Whee, I feel tall up here!”

Nina, while also being a fiber sheep, is not content to just lay around and eat and grow wool. Her favorite game since the sheep have been visiting the yard is to run back and forth on the retaining wall. The whole yard to play in and eat grass, and she insists on playing mountain goat. It’s not my favorite Splendid Game, but if I shoo her off she comes right back, and she seems confident in her balance, so I mostly leave her to it until Mira and Holly start joining in. Mira’s getting pretty heavy and I don’t trust her to be able to keep her balance as well as she usually could.


“I see the crunchies, Mommy! I’m hungry, I need them!”

Fortunately for my nerves, whenever Mira’s up by the house lately she’s mostly stuck to pining over the box of crunchies, which I haven’t yet gotten around to hiding.


“Hmmm, BarkyYappyDog can work doorknobs, it can’t be that hard…”

She’s scary good at figuring out how to open things. There are several latches around here that she absolutely knows how to work, she just either can’t reach them or can’t open them without thumbs.

I’m very excited to meet the new babies soon, new lambs are the best part of the year. I’m just feeling torn between hoping the lambs will be just like their mothers and worrying the lambs will be just like their mothers. I’m sure they’ll be darlings no matter what they’re like, I haven’t had a lamb born yet that I didn’t like, even when they’re being naughty.


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