After all the running around and craziness that comes with playing in the yard every morning, the sheep wear themselves out by about noon, and are ready to go back to their field to settle down and ruminate.


“I’m still huuuungry, booo-hooo.”

Except Mira, who has to droop woefully in my lap for a while, bemoaning her lack of crunchies. Even though she’s already had crunchies.


“I’m a super-sneaky SpySheep!”

And Holly, who makes a Splendid Game out of spying on me through the new “window” in the hoop house. Spying through peepholes is a very Splendid Game indeed.



Nova and Neo, the first two lambs to be born here, settled down under the tree while a visiting robin hops by.


Duchess, still hanging on to some of last year’s wool, but fairest of them all nonetheless, keeping a sleepy eye out for crunchies, but not with any great intensity..



Liam and his little front toofers, dozing off mid-chew.


Will Scarlet, no doubt daydreaming about what disaster brave exploit he can attempt next.


“Hi, ShepherdPerson!”

Lady and Holly, cozy together like a mama and baby sheep should be. I think this is my new favorite picture of the two of them.

Nina and Lana were laying together behind the hoop house, but I knew they’d jump up if I moved around, so I didn’t get a picture of them today.

Since I’m Mira’s mother, she usually settles down next to me (or on top of me) when I’m outside at chewing-time, but she was more put out than normal that I wouldn’t give her any more treats, and had retreated all the way to the fence to pointedly ignore me until I’d learned my lesson.


“Hmph, I KNOW there were still crunchies in Mommy’s pocket, but she won’t give them to me! I’m going to sit over here all by myself, and not cuddle or chew on her at all! See how she likes that!”

Although I did notice her peeking my way every now and then to make sure I noticed how hard she was ignoring me.


“Still don’t see any crunchies… Guess I’ll have to keep ignoring her, then!”

I’m pretty sure she thinks crunchies grow in my coat pockets. She’s taken to “punching” my pocket with her nose lately the way baby lambs punch the udder to get more milk. Unfortunately that just makes the crunchies… crunched… and I end up with a pocket full of cereal crumbs that please neither of us.

Less than a month now before lambing I think! The ewes better enjoy their rest while they can, before there are new little tornadoes on hooves to run around keeping everyone awake with their baby lamb games. I’ll be interested to see how Mira likes somebody climbing on her for food and attention.


10 thoughts on “Repose

  1. These are just THE BEST pictures, spy sheep, say cheese, and plotting. They are SO sweet when they are quiet!
    Very good theory re the crunchies in the pocket vs milk in an udder πŸ™‚

  2. Mira will be too busy climbing on you to be bothered, although I hope that won’t mean that she’ll be an indifferent mother. Alas, Duchess was not a good role model…

    • Duchess had too many counts against her that year, poor girl. I hope Mira makes a good mother; Princess didn’t have a sheep mom either, and she was a ferociously protective (if not terribly attentive) mother to her babies.

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