A few days ago I didn’t let the sheep out fast enough, so they had to vent all their energy on each other. Or, in Liam’s case, on a fencepost. I think I counted three separate fights going on, not counting all the boys in the ram pen trying to butt the fencepost at the exact same time as Liam.


Crazy sheep are crazy. And then once they were out, they couldn’t decide if they should run off to eat the grass, or stick next to me in case I decided to give them lots of crunchies. Mira was firmly in the “stay next to mommy” camp, but everybody else ended up running back and forth a lot.


Little Mira definitely has a baby belly going, and Duchess and Nova are starting to look pretty round as well. Liam, fortunately, was not as round under his fleece as I was afraid he’d be, so he has been spared the horrible fate of a diet. Not that he was ever in any real danger of that, since I’m not really sure how you’d go about putting a sheep on a diet in the first place.

They spend the morning running around the yard eating, then by about noon they’re ready to go back to their own field to settle down and chew cud. Then the dogs get to go out and investigate the “invasion,” which gives Watcher something to entertain him, so it all works out pretty well. I’m still hoping the grass comes back quickly so I don’t have to keep managing this time share hassle.


7 thoughts on “Chaos

  1. Perhaps Liam has access to the media? I watch more than a few minutes and want to bash my head against things too. Your second video reminds me of 6year old humans chasing a soccer ball.

    • The media makes me want to hit my head too, but in Liam’s case I think it’s the stress of living with Soays? Barney also frequently butts inanimate objects, but the Soay guys usually don’t (unless they’re trying to knock something over) so that’s my theory anyway.

  2. Dang, talk about knuckleheads… I had a headache watching him!! I mean……what the H ? and then with others on he opposite side!! Nice they have a big space to run in.

    • Any head butting that happens gets the guys excited. Even the *sound* of head butting can get them all gearing up for battle.

      When Duke was younger and really anxious to prove himself, thunderstorms used to drive him crazy. Every thunderclap, he’d jump up and start running around trying to find those giant rams in the sky so he could take them on, lol.

    • We do have a big yard; up until the barn was finished the sheep used to live in the yard full time, with electric netting to keep Watcher away from them. Now it serves as part-time pasture and full-time work for Watcher, patrolling the borders, barking at the sheep (who completely ignore him) and keeping all the wildlife out.

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