We’re having another of those lovely weekends where the high temperature today (40 degrees) is thirty-five degrees lower than yesterday (77 degrees) and the sheep are therefore ecstatically happy. Echo and I are both gloomy about it, but at least the sheep are happy.

Today’s episode of crazy started innocently enough, with Holly and Nina play-fighting under the watchful eye of Holly’s family.


“I’m the toughest!”

“Nuh-uh, I’M the toughest!”

I’m still not used to Nina’s haircut, but I will say she has a much easier time bouncing around without all that fluff in the way. She and Holly weren’t really fighting, mostly just hopping around and stopping to bonk heads a little bit whenever they happened to bounce into each other. The grown-ups don’t play that game very often, but it’s very popular with the lambs and yearlings.

As such things tend to do, the bouncing and playing escalated until Neo got excited and wanted to join the game.


“I want to play, too!”

Neo didn’t mean any harm, he just wanted to play, but he is quite a bit bigger than Holly and Nina, so they switched games from “Jump Up and Down and Bonk Heads Sometimes” to “Run Around Like We’re Crazy.” This is a Splendid Game even grown-ups can play, so of course Lady and Will had to come join in, too.



Little Nina’s ears are just barely visible behind Neo. Lana, in the background, keeps one eye on her wayward offspring while continuing to devote most of her attention to breakfast. I’m not sure where Liam was, I think he was around the corner eating out of the boys’ feeder.

Running around as fast as possible without actually trying to catch or get away from anything in particular is apparently great fun; it only took one or two laps before even the pregnant girls got pulled into the game, much to their delight and my dismay.


“Charge through the gate!”


“Jump over the mole tunnels!”


“And round and round the hoop house we go!”

They ran at least four or five laps around the hoop house before Lady and Nova bumped into each other, took mutual offense, and had to stop and have yet another fight over who’s boss.


“I’m the toughest!”

“No, I’M the toughest!”

And so the whole thing came full circle, to two of the girls bonking heads (albeit a little less playfully) after bumping into each other, while everyone else stands around and watches.

Except for Lana. She’s still eating breakfast.


6 thoughts on “Escalation

  1. Laughed and giggled. A Soay can outrun a Shetland any time you please, as am sure it has been noted. Look at them angling around corners.

    Lana may be trying to regain what she feels is lost weight, now that her curves are so adjusted. Or she is eating in preference to showing that she cannot run as fast as the Soay ewes.

    Very best,


    • They were flying around that clubhouse like Quarter Horses in a barrel race. It was a Splendid Game.

      Lana seems a little unnerved by the running game, like she can’t figure out why anyone would waste energy running if there wasn’t a Scary Thing to run from.

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